October 13th, 2021

10-10-2021: Manufacturing Tips with “The Inventress” Lisa Ascolese, Episode #130

Our featured guest speaker this week is “The Inventress”, Lisa Ascolese. Our entrepreneur presenters are Alexa Fischer, founder of Wishbeads, Jeff Gordon, inventor of Daisy Rain Garden Systems and Valerie Trapunsky, founder of ChatterBoss.

July 5th, 2020

07-05-2020: Careers for Psychic Mediums & Healers with Artie Hoffman from the Angels and Answers Show, Re-Run of Episode #026

Our featured guest this week was Artie Hoffman, master psychic medium and spiritual advisor, and our featured presenters included Thomas Sheil with Uneepi, Valerie Donohue with ChatterBoss, and Elizabeth Madmani with Wellvyl.

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