July 5th, 202007-05-2020: Careers for Psychic Mediums & Healers with Artie Hoffman from the Angels and Answers Show, Re-Run of Episode #026

Listen to the podcast on the YouTube video above.

Our featured guest for Sunday, July 5th is Artie Hoffman

Artie Hoffman has been a master-level psychic medium and spiritual advisor for over two decades, and has helped change the lives of thousands of individuals who have turned to him for answers and guidance. A nationally renowned speaker, healer, and radio personality, Artie’s weekly radio show, Angels and Answers, gives listeners a chance to connect with him from anywhere in the U.S. People call in to discuss a variety of topics from love and relationships, career/finances, and family life, to communicating with their deceased loved ones. You can visit his website at, http://www.artiehoffman.com/

Visit the pitch presenters for July 5th at their websites:

Thomas Sheil with Uneepi, the dating site and so much more for people with Autism, at http://www.uneepi.com/

Valerie Donohue with ChatterBoss, a white glove virtual assistant service via an App, at https://www.chatterboss.com/.

Elizabeth Magmani with Wellvyl, the fitness site and events where people connect, at https://www.wellvyl.com/.

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