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Our Featured Guest for October 10, 2021 is Lisa Ascolese

Lisa Ascolese is founder of Inventing A-Z, Lisa Ascolese, has been taking ideas, hers and many others, from concept to fruition for over 35 years and counting. This New Jersey-based entrepreneur, consultant, and agent has successfully created, patented, marketed, and launched dozens of products in QVC, HSN, national retail stores and more. She also runs the networking group AOWIE and has conferences and events throughout the year. Lisa’s clients products have been featured on QVC, HSN, Bed Bath & Beyond and may other established retailers. Not only do her clients have access to my hands on approach and extensive knowledge but they can also take advantage of her Inventing A To Z Virtual bootcamp teaching industry information and Motivational Monday Zoom calls every week to help keep them motivated. Read more at: https://www.inventingatoz.com/

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Alexa Fischer is the founder of Wishbeads, an inspirational jewelry line offering empowering bracelet-making and goal-setting kits that enable their clients to identify and manifest the purpose and light within them. Write your deepest wishes, wear them daily, and witness the power of intention. Alexa Fischer is an actress, coach and motivational speaker on a quest to give wishes the power they need to become reality. She has appeared in many prime-time television shows including NCIS, CSI, Numb3rs and Bones. As a coach, she employs techniques she learned on the set and at the Yale School of Drama and teaches private clients, Fortune 500 companies and philanthropic organizations how to connect effectively to achieve personal and professional goals. Rea more at: https://www.wishbeads.com/

Jeff Gordon is the founder of Daisy Rain Sprinkler Pots, the only flower pots with an integrated sprinkler. Daisy Rain Sprinkler Saucers allow you to turn your favorite pots into Sprinkler Pots. Use them to add flowers or vegetables to any deck, patio, driveway, or business. There’s no reservoir, and assembly is a piece of cake. Read more at: https://daisyraingarden.com/

Valerie Trapunsky is the founder of Chatterboss, a virtual Executive Assistant company that stands out from the rest. Chatterboss offers dedicated and on-demand remote executive assistants for entrepreneurs….thought partners and outsourcing coaches, invested in your success. Their highly-trained executive assistants are organizational gurus, strategy partners, and client management experts. They are your remote resource helping you attain long-term business success and personal peace of mind. Chatterboss Executive Assistants understand the inner workings of your business, have a clear sense of your goals, and are your point-person for all of your outsourcing needs. Read more at: http://chatterboss.com/