Our Featured Guest for Sunday, December 25, 2022 is Amy Scruggs

Amy Scruggs uses her 20 years’ experience as a Media Executive, TV host (Amy Scruggs Media/Music), Recording Artist, Public Speaker, Corporate Spokesperson, and Sales Professional, to help others present and communicate a concise and professional message, for TV, podcasts, ZOOM, social media, or public speaking appearances. In 2021 Amy received “Bestseller” with her book “Lights Camera Action”. As a TV Host She enjoyed the past 5 years on the national shows “The American Dream TV”, “Retiring Right TV”, “Veterans One TV” and “Financing the American Dream”, which airs on CNBC. As a country singer, Amy has has opened for Artists including Clint Black, Trace Adkins, Charlie Daniels, and many more. “Love Another Day” EP released in 2022 and the single “What if it All Goes Right” is now on radio and charting worldwide. Read more at: https://www.amyscruggsmedia.com/ and at: https://www.amyscruggsmusic.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters for December 25, 2022:

Tesa Harster is a Certified Medium serving celebrity clients and is the founder of The Angel Campaign. She is a gifted Medium since birth; she loves connecting to Spirit and sharing specific guidance to help others in their journey. She is committed to developing self-empowerment through communication with Spirit Guides, Angels and passed loved ones to bring forward guidance that serves one’s highest good. The Angel Campaign is a mission to bring the light and the energy of Angels across the globe and into the lives of every living being. Read more at: http://www.theangelcampaign.com/

Alisa Pospekhova is the founder of kindroot, offering plant powered lozenges to put your body + mind at ease. The ingredients include adaptogenic plants + aromatic flavors, blended into silky-smooth little lozenges to support sleep, immunity, mood and focus. For Alisa, childhood immunity issues and workplace stress were side by side. After a few travel mishaps with messy supplement powders, capsules that felt like a chore and crackly cough drops, it clicked! She became an herbalist apprentice and developed the Kindroot brand! Read more at: https://www.kindroot.com/