12-18-2022Gamify Your Business Education with Dr. Travis and Michelle S. Fox, Episode #185

Our Featured Guests for Sunday, December 18, 2022 are Dr. Travis and Michelle S. Fox

Dr. Travis Fox and Michelle S. Fox are the founders of Ultimate Business Quest, an app that teaches entrepreneurs in a fun way how to build and expand their business, with the real tools all need in a game style inviting FUN back into your business, culture, sales and team. Master Core Business Principles in a World of Immersive Gamified Education in a Fantasy Setting in Just 10 Minutes a Day. Go from hustling entrepreneur to becoming the celebrated leader of a thriving empire. Ignite your spark and catapult your business to the next level without spending a fortune on courses you don’t follow-through with. Whether you have $100 in your pocket or $100M this app and Quest is fun and for everyone! Read more at: https://ultimatebusinessquest.com/

Emmy-award winner Dr. Travis Fox has been architecting lives and uplifting entrepreneurs onstage for 30 years. Holding doctorates in both psychology and clinical hypnotherapy, his mission is to help move entrepreneurs from founder to funding to fortune, and because of this, he was named by Yahoo Finance as a Top 20 entrepreneur for 2020 and a Top 10 Instagram influencer by BuzzFeed. Dr. Travis Fox has been on radio shows, podcasts and television programs across the country. He also has most recently appeared in such documentary films “Beyond The Secret-The Awakening,” (March 2020) the long awaited sequel to “The Secret,” as well as “How Thoughts Become Things” (April 2020). As a business coach, entrepreneurial advisor, and trainer, he has spoken to more than 1M attendees, spent tens of thousands of hours on stage, and has 28 years of CEO-level experience. Dr. Travis Fox is also an Executive Producer, Producer, Director and Managing Partner at MindFox Productions, LLC where he produces television programming, PBS specials, reality series, feature films and documentaries (Environmental and Special Needs Children), Web TV, Cell platforms and international relationships for distribution.

Michelle S. Fox has a diverse corporate and entrepreneurial career, having sat on multiple boards before the age of 30. Instead of being educated by a traditional institution, she chose to go the mentorship route; and through her passion, dedication and vibrant personality, she became a mentee of a Harvard grad billionaire. This mentor offered her an opportunity to build out the C-Suite at their company, where she oversaw everything from breaking ground to the successful acquisition exit strategy. The move led Michelle to become a serial entrepreneur through investing, business consulting, and her own mentoring. Outside of the office, she is an award-winning competitive bodybuilder who loves challenging herself in new ways.

Caleb Ulffers is the co-founder of Haven Athletic, offering organized gym bags for high performance athletes, including a large and small duffle and the latest release being the organized backpack (available on Kickstarter). The bags have an internal organization system, 1050D ballistic nylon exterior with multiple pockets, vented compartments to keep things aired out, the shoe garage™️ keeps your shoes separated and more. Caleb and his co-founders started Haven Athletic because they were tired of losing their gear, digging for gear, and in general being frustrated by duffel bags that haven’t changed since the 80s. When your gear is organized, you can be clear and focused on your workout. Nothing in the way of your mental clarity and the job you are at the gym to do. Caleb and his co-founders launched their first presale in 2020, right as Covid hit (it still went great, minus some delays). They created a second product and launched their second presale in 2022. It was 18x the size of their first! Haven Athletic is climate neutral certified, which means they have a net-zero impact on the environment. They are fully committed to measure, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint. Read more: https://havenathletic.com/

Marc-Antoine Bonin is the founder of Planned, a corporate event planning platform. Planned streamlines your corporate event planning process from supplier sourcing, budgeting, booking, and overall event management. Compare and select among 20,000 venues and vendors across North America. The curated marketplace is detailed and standardized to help guide you to explore and book amazing event suppliers. The marketplace covers venues and vendors across North America. Venues include historical theaters, modern lofts, classy hotels, co-working spaces, and more! It doesn’t stop there, whether you’re looking for a local catering company, renowned DJ, or an internationally known guest speaker. Save 60% of event planning time through streamlined communication internally and with suppliers on one platform with centralized invoices, quotes and documents. All with direct payments to Planned to avoid onboarding multiple suppliers. Manage your team’s events with more oversight than ever before. Gain visibility and generate 13% or more of savings by using budget reports and financial tools to manage and track your spending. Planned’s admin features give managers the ability to gain visibility and control over where your company’s money is being spent, and opens the door to generating savings through our exclusive discounts. Start saving time and money now! Read more at: https://planned.com/