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Our Featured Guest for December 5, 2021 is Jeremy Miner and our Executive Spotlight is Kevin & Laurie Lane

Jeremy Miner is the Founder and Chairman of 7th Level Communications, (headquartered in Sydney, Australia), a sales training mastery company that helps businesses and entrepreneurs and sales professionals learn and master the “New Model” of Selling to achieve record-breaking performance. Jeremy’s particular brand of sales training pioneers the unique use of behavioral science and human psychology within the sales process. This scientific method of selling, created by Jeremy, has helped over 141,000 and counting salespeople in 37 countries over the last three years to 3x, 5x and even 10x their sales results. The New Model of Training – Neuro Emotional Persuasion Questions (N.E.P.Q) is a scientific sales methodology that works with human behavior (not against it) – eliminating all traces of sales pressure from your sales conversations. Read more at:

Kevin & Laurie Lane are the inventors of Create A Castle. They return to Passage to Profit to give updates about their growing company. Create A Castle creates molds that give families a fun, successful and frustration-free way of building elaborate castles, towers and whatever else you can dream up, in the sand or snow. All without struggling to use the traditional 1 dimensional sand molds and builds can be done quickly. No-longer will you be limited to 1 dimensional sculptures that all other beachgoers have. No longer will you tip your bucket and the sand sticks inside! Create A Castle allows you to be the envy of the beach or snow wherever you are and create impressive sand and snow sculptures in a matter of minutes, not hours! Read more at:

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Roy Carrillo and Darren Lancaster are the inventors of GO Sleeves, compression sleeves, with embedded kinesiology strips to achieve peak performance, pain management, injury prevention and accelerated recovery for athletes and active people. GO Sleeves increase recuperating blood and lymphatic flow to specifically targeted muscles, ligaments and tendons and provides targeted support for key muscles, ligaments and tendons that feels like being taped up by your physical therapist. GO Sleeves are more flexible and lighter than a brace, but far more supportive and corrective than a standard compression sleeve. You’ll be able to naturally and effectively recuperate from injuries using the same kinesiology technology prescribed by doctors, chiropractors and PT’s. Read more at

Jessica Walker is a beauty and wellness expert and owner of J. Walker Salon Group in New Jersey with 4 locations offering upscale beauty and wellness services, along with a bridal and event business. Jessica opened her business at age 19, and has built a multi-million dollar business over nearly 25 years employing doctors, aestheticians, cosmetologists, business and support staff. Most recently, Jessica launched her own skincare brand which is available in-store and online. Jessica has been a featured speaker and ambassador for national beauty brands and for women’s business leadership organizations and has won industry awards. Read more at