Our Featured Guest for Sunday, October 23, 2022 is Kathryn Ford

Kathryn Ford is the Founder and CEO of Excellence Institute, an award-winning Women’s Empowerment Coach, International Speaker, and Amazon #1 Best-Selling author. Excellence Institute is a fabulous World Class women’s club for sophisticated, extraordinary women who love the finer things in life, and know they are meant for more. Kathryn Ford uses her women’s empowerment mentoring programs, retreats and experiences to successfully help women step into their most amazing next chapter in life. By accessing their divine feminine energy and becoming magnetic, her clients are able to learn both the art and science behind becoming a powerful receiver. Kathryn lives by the principles she teaches on a daily basis and is a great example and role model for her clients as she is living proof after facing many challenges in her own life, that anyone truly can live a life of excellence, no matter what! She focuses on women’s empowerment and how to live wealthy from the inside out. This encompasses our first wealth, which is our health, and leads to enjoying rich relationships and experiencing an abundance of time. Her first-hand experiences have allowed her to guide women into utilizing their divine feminine power so they too can experience extraordinary results and be impervious to their external circumstances. She was also a “2016 Woman of the Year” nominee for the Los Angeles Business Journal, and has been featured in mass media including television, newspaper, magazine, radio & the internet. Read more at: https://excellenceinstitute.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters for October 23, 2022:

Heather Willems is the founder TwoLine Studios, a creative problem-solving agency to help organizations unleash their creative group genius and solve their toughest problems. Heather believes collaboration is the key to achieving true success. Her models and methods are built on developing collaboration that not only sparks innovation but creates real change. She does this by designing and facilitating deep conversations that strengthen relationships and create meaningful action. As your solution designers, Heather brings fresh thinking and clarity because she looks at the bigger picture in ways your team often can’t. For over a decade, Heather has collaborated with executive leaders and Fortune 100 brands to find Clarity Through Creativity® by designing and facilitating workshops, visual storytelling, masterclasses, and one-on-one coaching. Heather has helped Disney, FedEx, Google, Lego, SAP, Johnson & Johnson, Aetna, and NASA to uncover core challenges, facilitate breakthroughs, and define actionable strategies. TED, The Today Show, MSNBC, Inc., Forbes, Mashable, and The Wall Street Journal have featured Heather’s work and understand the value of finding Clarity Through Creativity®. Read more at: https://www.twolinestudios.com/

Ceata E. Lash is the founder of PuffCuff, the only hair clamp for thick, curly, or textured hair and is made to work with the fullness of your natural hair instead of restricting it. Using its teeth to hold itself in place, the PuffCuff may resemble your mama’s banana clip but it don’t be fooled it DOES NOT function the same! After a childhood of chemically straightening her hair, Ceata decided to make the big chop and transition to her natural hair. Little did she know that going back to her naturally thick and curly hair would mean she’d be faced with the impossible task of finding a hair accessory to hold and style her hair. Searching in stores and online, she realized that most accessories on the market are designed for straight, thin hair – NOT for her naturally thick, coarse hair! Existing products cinched her hair to its smallest point of resistance, creating “bunny tail hair” (not a good look for a grown woman), hair breakage, damage to the accessory and pure frustration. A little more research revealed that there were others — men and women with curly hair, locs and braids — who were experiencing the same styling woes. It was then that the concept of the PuffCuff was born. Read more at: https://thepuffcuff.com/