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Our Featured Guest for October 17, 2021 is Lewis Chaney

Lewis Chaney is a TEDX Alumni, Award winning Speaker, Photojournalist and Director with an extensive background in Television News, Entertainment News, Commercial Advertising and Independent Film. Lewis has worked with everyone from the homeless to the rich and famous while working in Television to help teams GET TO THE DAMN POINT. He offers a professional communication and presentation course for employees to be able to say more in less time. Communicating efficiently and effectively is challenging but when not done well it causes sales to be lost and meetings to drag on. Lewis explains how meetings can be better and shorter; how to improve internal and external communications; how this can improve your teams and offers practical tips to implement immediately. Read more at: https://www.gettothedamnpoint.com/

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Akeelah Kuraishi is the co-founder of Little Global Citizens, a monthly subscription box helping parents to raise a generation of open minded children, by bringing the excitement of the world to their doorstep. Raising our Children to be Open-Minded Global Citizens has never been More Important. Little Global Citizens is a subscription box bringing the sights, sounds and sensations of different countries to your child’s doorstep, nurturing an understanding of the world and a love for the people in it. Read more at: https://www.little-global-citizens.com/

Julia Rivard is the CEO and Co-Founder of Eyeread and a Canadian Olympic athlete who developed a learning platform via app and website to teach kids to read and boost their literary skills called Dreamscape. Dreamscape is for children ages 7-18 and is being used by more than 10,000 schools across the US and Canada and includes fun and free games. Dreamscape was developed by a team that included some of the top experts in literacy, classroom teaching, gaming, development, psychology and machine learning to create a literacy learning engine that would adapt the level of content to each learner based on their unique skills and interests and then present kids this content in a medium they would want to consume. Read more at: https://www.playdreamscape.com/