Our Featured Guest for Sunday, October 9, 2022 is Guy Powell

Guy Powell founded ProRelevant in 2002, a marketing firm that works with major brands to provide bespoke analytics, consulting services, and training to help them maximize their return on marketing investment. ProRelevant combines advanced analytics with consumer purchase behavior to deliver answers to grow sales, profits and the brand, helping clients identify and connect each marketing dollar spent to its impact on generating incremental sales and ROI. The firm follows a rigorous proprietary data framework to ensure their data is accurate, complete, and timely and holds in-depth stakeholder interviews to capture their needs and concerns, and maintain ongoing contact with key stakeholders. With globally recognized analytics credentials, ProRelevant is trusted by industry leaders and Fortune 500 clients. Guy Powell has trained thousands of marketers in a wide variety of industries, including Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), high-tech, financial services, telecom, and airlines. His work helps marketers make better decisions to deliver more revenue, profit, and market share. Guy Powell is also an author with his latest book being “The Post-Covid Marketing Machine: Prepare Your Team to Win”. Discover how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the marketing landscape and learn how a deep understanding of post-Covid dynamics of consumer purchase behavior will affect your go-to-market strategies. A must-read for marketers in 2022! Read more at: https://prorelevant.com/ and at: https://marketingmachine.prorelevant.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters for October 9, 2022:

Christian Seale is the co-founder of Vitruvia, a revolutionary recovery platform that focuses on a non-surgical approach to healing and pain management. Vitruvia focuses on the root cause of a patient’s pain, and heal them from the inside out. Allowing the flow of nutrients to return to the damaged tissue to completely heal. Vitruvia uses a holistic approach to assess a patient’s overall tissue health under the guidance of their proprietary ultrasound imaging software, ScarMap, to heal damaged tissue so the patient can return to their daily activities pain free and with an increased range of motion. ScarMap allows physicians to see the damaged tissue, then repair and rehydrate the tissue with a proprietary solution called RELIEF, that facilitates long term tissue regeneration, prevents future scarring and restores anatomy to a pre-injury state. RESTORE is a more extensive, lengthier version of RELIEF and  RENEW is for the person who is looking for a whole body connective tissue restoration, and interested in the anti-aging benefits. Read more at: https://vitruvia.co/

Niki Brown is the founder and host of IGNITE Women’s Empowerment Summit, happening next on Nov 10 – 12, 2022 – a soul stirring 3 day movement for women in all walks and stages of life who have a desire to break limitations, push past boundaries and empower every aspect of their lives for more! Having a passion to create a conference which delivers high energy spiritual impact and practical life application, IGNITE provides a dynamic environment for women to be empowered in their business, profession, personal and spiritual life. As part of this event, IGNITE features dynamic speakers who are experts in the areas of business, finance, personal, professional and spiritual development. Each year a portion of IGNITE proceeds are dedicated to supporting single mothers who have a passion to further their education and dreams. Niki is a Master’s level counselor, certified life coach, ordained minister and the author of “There is More! 8 Steps to Embracing the Greater You” and “Audacity to Leap”. Read more at: https://www.ignitesummit.org/