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Our Featured Guest for October 3, 2021 is Alex Sanfilippo

Alex Sanfilippo is the host of the top-rated entrepreneurship podcast, Creating a Brand, and the founder of PodMatch.com, a free service that matches podcast guests and hosts together for interviews. Alex started his first business at the age of twelve; selling used golf balls. From there, he went on to real estate investing and a technology start up which he sold years later. For the past decade, Alex has been an executive in the aerospace industry. During his time in corporate America, he stayed active with his side hustles; which mainly consisted of conference speaking and business coaching. Read more at: https://creatingabrand.com/

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Kristi and John Coppa are the inventors of Wondergrade, an app that helps parents teach their kids how to regulate big emotions, build resilience, practice empathy, and find their calm. Wondergrade offers mindful movement activities, self-regulation tools, and comprehensive meditation exercises which are all research-backed, kid-friendly and parent-appreciated. Parents have access to application tips and articles explaining the research behind each activity. The Wondergrade app provides the tools and education necessary for the entire family, fitting seamlessly into daily life. It is the perfect companion on the journey to support our children’s mental well being. Read more at: https://www.wondergrade.com/

Nicolas Mendiharat is the founder of Palate Club, a wine club offering an ultra-personalized access to the world’s most interesting wines, matched to your taste with computer learning. He offers a “blind tasting” experience with a Blind Tasting Kit shipped to clients, which includes four premium, international wines with the labels hidden. Customers rate the wines and their ratings are used to create a personalized wine profile with wine suggestions! Palate Club sources sustainable, finished wines of the highest quality from around the world and use clients’ wine profiles to match them to their taste. Clients can set up hassle-free shipping and flexible delivery options directly from the app. Read more at: https://wine.palateclub.com/