Our Featured Guest for Sunday, October 2, 2022 is Lewis Chaney

Lewis Chaney is a TEDX Alumni, Award winning Speaker, Photojournalist and Director with over 25 years in TV broadcasting, advertising, and filmmaking. Lewis has worked with everyone from the homeless to the rich and famous while working in Television to help teams GET TO THE DAMN POINT. He offers a professional communication and presentation course for employees to be able to say more in less time. Communicating efficiently and effectively is challenging but when not done well it causes sales to be lost and meetings to drag on. With Lewis’ support, sales professionals can gain confidence in their communications by learning advanced presentation, media and speaking skills to succinctly and emotionally connect to clients, virtually or in person, every single time. Lewis explains how meetings can be better and shorter; how to improve internal and external communications; how this can improve your teams and offers practical tips to  implement immediately. Lewis is also a professional Mentalist / Magician and Co-Owner of video production company, Keychain-Productions. Read more at: https://www.gettothedamnpoint.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters for October 2, 2022:

Kareem Cook & Claude Tellis are the owners of Naturade, a nutritional company that was founded in 1926, currently offering plant-based nutritional shakes, herbal expectorants and Symbiotics supplements. Naturade brings Whole Foods quality products to a Walmart consumer. The Naturade story starts when with Kareem and Claude were college friends and realized they had so many people in their families with diet related illnesses like diabetes. 10 years later they both decided to make their mutual concern their business and launched a business called Healthy Body Products and later on, a healthy vending machine company. They eventually bought Naturade to affect change on a global level! Read more at: https://www.naturade.com/

Lisa Pietracatella is the inventor of Sunhead Pillow, a unique innovative recreational pillow with storage that will make you comfortable anywhere while holding your valuables discreetly. No more worrying about your phone or keys getting wet at the beach or pool – Sunhead has got you covered. Sunhead Pillows are made with memory foam to provide support and comfort, comes in a variety of colors so you can choose the perfect one for you. Whether it’s sunbathing at the beach, sitting poolside on a chair, or simply lying on your couch at home remember… Sunhead will make your head and neck happy anywhere! Read more at: https://sunheadpillow.com/