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Our Featured Guest for September 19, 2021 is Wally Green & Our Power Move Guest is Natlyn Jones

Wally Green is a celebrity table tennis pro, entertainer and co-founder of the SPIN brand, an iconic ping-pong social club in NYC and in major cities across America. Growing up in one of the most dangerous housing projects in Brooklyn, at a very young age, Wally sought protection through gangs, guns, and violence. In the midst of all the abuse and turmoil in his life, at a late age he found a totally unusual sport and excelled, becoming one of the most Internationally famous and entertaining American table tennis players in the world! Wally has appeared in numerous local and international newspapers, magazines, and local as well as international TV. He is currently working on an autobiography about my life titled “From the Pistol to the Paddle and is part of an award-winning documentary titled “The Tables.” His team has won numerous awards including Holly Shorts Film Festival in Hollywood which is an Oscar qualifying film festival. Wally is also currently working on my new documentary titled “My North Korean Ping Pong Diplomacy.” This is where 2 years ago he went to North Korea alone to represent the US in competition! He was the only westerner who attended. Read more at:

Natlyn Jones is the founder of SheWarrior®, activewear that is designed for women to find your strength, fuel your confidence and achieve every goal, regardless of the barriers. As the wife of professional boxing champion Roy Jones Jr., Natlyn is an active boxing promoter, she works towards changing the status quo of boxing, a typically male dominated sport, by empowering women to raise a fist. Natlyn’s passion for boxing runs in the family. After two years of fight training, learning the techniques and discipline required to be a boxer, Natlyn was inspired to launch SheWarrior®. Her mission: to nurture the fighting spirit within all women and lead them towards championing their health, wellness and inner warrior. Read more at:

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Kelly Oriard & Callie Christensen are the co-founders of Slumberkins, a line of cuddly creatures, designed to promote positive attachments for children. Slumberkins promotes early emotional learning through creatures children adore and tools caregivers trust—helping you raise resilient, caring, and confident children. Each creature is made of the softest, luxurious fabric and is machine washable and accompanied by an original Sleepytime Rhyme, written with therapeutic techniques to promote a specific positive life skill, at

David Katz is the founder and inventor of Swaggr socks, made almost entirely from recycled plastic bottles. They are designed for comfort and one size fits kids size 1 to men’s 16! Experts say that there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean, as soon as 2050. With 8 billion pounds of plastic waste flowing into the oceans each year, it should come as no surprise. Swaggr’s vision is to conserve and create a cleaner ocean so that the marine life remains healthier and live longer. Swaggr socks are made from up to 91% recycled plastic bottles. More than two bottles are used to make each pair of socks., at