Our Featured Guest for Sunday, August 14, 2022 is Kim Woods

Kim Woods is an Intuitive Business Strategist a healer, oracle, author and founder of the Intuitive Leadership Program. She’s wildly intuitive and not afraid to admit it and if it involves cards, crystals or flower essences, she’s certified in it! Add an MBA and more than two decades of corporate grit, and that’s Kim. Kim weaves strategy with magic to help her clients restore their intuition, earn WAY more money and claim their brilliance. Kim grew up in a family that kept astrology books on the coffee table. But she didn’t come fully out of the intuitive closet until her son was born with significant issues and she walked away from a highly successful corporate career to focus on healing. Now she weaves strategy with intuition to help clients restore their own intuitive knowing, earn more money, and claim their……wait for it……. brilliance. She loves to sew and weave threads and tapestries together. Yes, there’s a metaphor there. She’s got the credentials –  an MBA and countless master-level intuitive certifications paired with 25+ years of C- suite business experience. Kim has built multiple 7-figure brick & mortar businesses and am a former business consultant at Oracle. Her credentials all contribute to who she is. Kim has been featured in Forbes, INC and Yahoo and was declared one of the top female entrepreneurs disrupting the business world in 2022 by Entrepreneur Magazine. Read more at:

Mike Indursky is the founder of Hear Me Raw, a skincare line that is best for your skin, health, budget and the world. Mike has been in the skincare industry for well over 30 years and developed Hear Me Raw as an alternative to mainstream skincare products. Hear Me Raw is truly natural, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and worry-free, using a panoply of carefully selected plant and earth-borne ingredients working together for maximum benefit. The products never have parabens, toxins, petro-chemicals, phthalates, silicones or hormone disruptors and are eco-friendly with reusable jars and lids, no plastics and the cartons made from recycled paper. The system saves almost 90% of the packaging materials used for similar skincare containers* and you save $10 each time you use their refill pod. Mike has been in the skincare industry for well over 30 years and developed HEAR ME RAW as an alternative to mainstream skincare products that have many problems such as: ingredients you shouldn’t be putting on your skin, packaging that’s bad for the environment, prices that are too high for products you don’t need. Read more at: