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Our Featured Guests for August 8, 2021 are Colleen Wilson & Melissa Curtis

Colleen Wilson is the founder and Melissa Curtis is the COO of Pets on Q, a socially responsible Animal Media Company and Booking platform, specializing in influencer partnerships and humane set work with animals. They are also the stars of the reality tv Netflix series, “Pet Stars”, a show that follows Pets on Q as they work with the biggest animal influencers on social media! Pets on Q’s new and patented booking platform allows brands to be able to browse through their carefully selected animals, examine their detailed analytics, and make offers based on our proprietary algorithm. The Pets on Q mission statement is that we are committed to “revolutionizing the animal industry by making the world a better place, one animal at a time”. Read more at: and at

Visit the Entrepreneur Presenters for August 8, 2021 at their Websites:

Reyn Guyer is the inventor of the forever iconic game Twister and the famous NERF toy collection. His most recent venture, My Friend Wren, is quickly replacing the classic storybook concept. My Friend Wren is an online platform incorporating thoughtfully crafted collections of creative and gentle childrens’ stories and songs designed to provide insightful, educational material and adventure to both kids and parents alike, all sung and narrated by Reyn. The platform has a gentle approach and uses more tame graphics and fun-loving characters throughout each story. The illustrations resemble more of an authentic hard copy storybook versus computer-generated graphics, at:

Jennifer Shapiro-Lee is a psychotherapist with experience in multiple clinical settings, various mental health clinics and is the Founder & Director of a group therapy practice in Long Island, NY. She is also a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor and Mindfulness in the Workplace Instructor from the Mclean Meditation Institute. She teaches individual and group meditation classes, lead therapeutic retreats, corporate wellness events, and am a motivational speaker, at:

Jennifer Flood is the Co-Founder of Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation, a registered non-profit, 501c(3). The organization matches people in need of kidney donors all across the United States. It has coordinated 11 transplants and now working on their 12th transplant. The foundation started after Jennifer and her two sisters from New York saved their father’s life from kidney disease by thinking outside the box and placing an ad on craigslist for a donor and found a match, at: