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Our Featured Guest for August 1, 2021 is Debra Boblitt and our Executive Spotlight is Bogdan Odulinski

Debra Boblitt is a motivational speaker and experienced insurance executive that spent nearly three decades as a leader at State Farm Insurance Companies®, the top insurer for life, auto and home in the United States. She served as senior vice president before leaving the organization to pursue a portfolio career. She has a proven track record of increasing revenue and market share, developing dynamic teams, and leading through change. As senior vice president with full P&L responsibilities for a 3 billion market, she improved their profit margin by 5.5 percent. Additional areas of expertise include customer needs and behaviors, and marketing and distribution. Debra Boblitt speaks on a variety of topics for audiences big and small. It was always her dream to make a positive impact in the lives of others, and she shares her insights on leadership while inspiring, motivating and challenging people from all different backgrounds. A strategic approach combined with an outside-the-box perspective, Debra Boblitt helps people break through barriers and challenges, overcome doubts and take the necessary steps toward achieving their goals. Read more at:

Bogdan Odulinski has been the Senior Director of Strategy at Solve iQ since 2010. Solve iQ offers an app that delivers PC optimization and performance improvements in real time and improves web browsing speeds. Solve iQ also protects PC performance by improving privacy and blocking unwanted apps, ads, and trackers. The company also designs products to improve productivity and reduce costs for small businesses and create maximum value for our OEM partners and their customers. Bogdon has a history of thought leadership in the tech industry. Prior to Solve iQ, he lead technology, product management and strategy efforts at various companies including Dell. Read more at:

Visit the Entrepreneur Presenters for August 1, 2021 at their Websites:

Lisa Lori is the founder of The Perfect Provenance – new art inspired, luxury lifestyle stores & cafe. Voted Best of the Gold Coast, The Perfect Provenance is a luxury lifestyle store & Cafe 47 based in Greenwich, CT and now open at 30 Main Street in Tiburon, California. The stores feature luxury home, men’s & women’s fashion, gifts, jewelry & amazing lunch and dinner menu at Café 47, at:

Steve Spiro is a Master Connector, Consultant, Mentor and Co-Host at Linkedin Live – “The Master Connections” Series. As the President of Spiro Global, Inc. since 2007, he works with companies and individuals to help coach them on how to connect in more meaningful ways. As a Certified Customer Communications Consultant, he helps companies streamline and automate how they communicate with their clients. Custom craft solutions using A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), which can be a combination of hardware and software. As a SCORE Mentor Volunteer, he advises individuals and small businesses reach their goals, providing free business advice and education to aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners, at: