July 20th, 202007-19-2020: From Idea to Popular Product – An Entrepreneur’s Journey with Rob Angel, Inventor of Pictionary, Episode #76



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Our featured guest for Sunday, July 19th is Rob Angel

Rob Angel is the creator of the iconic bestselling board game, Pictionary, which has sold 38,000,000 copies worldwide. He’s is also a philanthropist, investor, and sought-after speaker who encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to “find their aardvark.” In his recent book, “Game Changer”, Rob shares the remarkable inside story of how, as the inventor of Pictionary, he turned a simple idea into an iconic global brand by breaking rules and breaking records, never giving up or giving in, and working harder when most would walk away all while having the time of his life. Read more at: https://robangel.com/

Visit the Entrepreneur Presenters for July 19th at their Websites:

Stacey Blume with ElastaFuse Technology, an an ingredient brand of sweatband elastic with 9 granted patents in multiple apparel categories. The innovative trim of EFT combines the soft and sweat absorbing properties of a sweatband with the functionality of elastic to create a revolutionary band that captures sweat, prevents chafing, and maximizes comfort, at https://elastafusetech.com/

Erik the Reptile Guy Callender with Erik’s Reptile Edventures, since 2006 Erik’s Reptile Edventures has brought nature into the classrooms of hundreds of schools, libraries, and events throughout the New York Tri- State area, and internationally in; Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Madagascar, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, at https://edventureshow.com/.

Shanna Truffini is the author of You Are a Gardener, a children’s book and program that uses gardening vocabulary as ‘emotional metaphors’ to teach young children the importance of identifying the ‘flowers’ and ‘weeds’ in their everyday life to improve communication and problem solve life’s everyday challenges, at https://www.youareagardener.com

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