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Our Featured Guest for July 18, 2021 is Renee Greenstein and Our Executive Spotlight is Dr. Jean Oursler

Renee Greenstein is a renowned global fashion designer and the founder of Women with Control® and ATTITUDES by Renee®, two of the best-selling fashion lines on QVC in the USA, UK & Japan. Women with Control® and Attitudes by Renee® are two seasonless collections that are designed with detail to prints along with unique fabrications, ensuring the perfect fit and style for your body. Renee learned how clothing should fit a “real women” during her experience as a fit model and traveling the world. Renee’s collection is designed to slim, flatten, and support every curve with comfort in styles and colors you’ll love. Whatever your age, size, or body type, Renee designs clothing that gives you control over how you look and feel, giving you the ease to wear, care for, and even pack. Made for the everyday woman, we offer sizes from 0 to 28 in petite, regular, and tall lengths. Read more at: https://reneegreenstein.com/

Dr. Jean Ourlser is the founder of Cave Man Brain Domination System, an innovative brain science to achieve greater results in new business development. It is based on how your brain operates during the new business development process, so you have a better understanding of you AND your prospect. Dr. Jean’s comprehensive, proven, proprietary system is based on 4 repeatable steps to help you achieve results each and every time. Working within your budget and your schedule, each program gives you the best practices, tools, templates, and advice you need to succeed. Dr. Jean’s clients call her “The Results Queen” because she is all about getting unprecedented results – at an unprecedented speed – that create and maintain an unprecedented performance for her clients, at: https://cavemanbrain.com/

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Gal Goldner is the inventor of the SitnStand portable lift chair, a safe rising lift chairs for the elderly. This lift chair in a bag is easy to use, hassle-free, it is perfect for senior housing independent living and the perfect gift for seniors. It is suitable for any style of chair, lightweight, and hassle-free, at: https://www.sitnstand.com/

Trung Pham is the founder of Ryse, a PropTech IoT company that creates devices that motorize and automate existing window coverings, optimizing for indoor comfort and energy efficiency in any space. RYSE SmartShades automate any shade with a beaded chain or looped string cord and lifts any size or weight. The patented devices can be installed in minutes, controlled via smartphone, smart speakers, and integrates with leading smart home & building platforms, designed to enhance comfort and energy efficiency, at: https://invest.helloryse.com