Our Featured Guest for Sunday, July 10, 2022 is Michael Cerenzie

Michael Cerenzie is the founder of The Stratagem Group, a collective of creative companies providing forward-thinking solutions in studio infrastructure, production service, content development, financing, and workforce development across the global media landscape. Stratagem’s portfolio of companies forms an integrated ecosystem that strategically drives, curates, and services film, television and digital streaming projects through every phase of the production pipeline. Through their proprietary assets and top-tier studio facilities, innovative production logistic services, and dedicated academic labor training, Stratagem meets global demand for content and talent. Michael has also developed, produced and financed dozens of films, both independently and in partnership with most major Hollywood studios, and collaborated with iconic filmmakers and an extensive list of Academy Award-winning and nominated actors. With over 20 years of experience in producing for theatre, films and television, he has collaborated with some of the most talented filmmakers in the business including Jim Sheridan, Robert Altman and Sidney Lumet. He has worked with an extensive list of Academy Award winning and nominated actors that include Philip Seymour Hoffman, James Franco, Matt Dillon, Albert Finney, Michael Shanon, Marisa Tomei, Amy Ryan, James Caan, Ethan Hawk, Bob Hoskins, Stellan Skarsgard, Natascha McHelhone and Gerard Depardieu. Read more at: https://stratagemgroup.ca/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters for July 10, 2022:

Rob Imbeault is the Co-Founder of Adapt Agtech that is building the largest mushroom-focused vertical farming network in the world. Adapt Agtech, provides a turn-key opportunity for container farming of edible and gourmet mushrooms. Adapt opens the door for new entrants to the farming industry and creates an opportunity for entrepreneurs while advancing access to a sustainable food supply. Mushrooms don’t need light! Solar-powered off-grid sustainable container farms produce food in locations and environments previously unavailable. Vertical and containerized farming has the opportunity to disrupt the status quo in food production. The pandemic may have had several economic repercussions globally owing to the disruption in supply chain and reduced availability of raw materials, but the farming market thrived during the crisis. Read more at: https://adapt.ag/

Somaya Oueslati and Hilda Bergman are the founders of Dripp and Dropp, offering protective covers around a patented design, enabling parents to always bring compact covers for strollers and car seats. Their unique fleece cover for car seats and strollers protects children from snow, heavy winds, as well as germs and viruses. A transparent window also gives easy access for the caregiver to keep an eye on the child. It comes in a small convenient pouch easy to hang on a stroller bar or small enough to fit in your everyday bag. Read more at: https://www.drippanddropp.com/