June 29th, 202006-28-20: The Most Important Actions for Growing a Business with the Principal from MA33 Strategies, Marc Alterman, Episode #74

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Our Featured Guest for Sunday, June 28th is Marc Alterman

Marc Alterman is the founder of MA33 Strategies, a management consulting company and served as the CEO for Sava Industries for nearly twenty years. As a long-time leader of diverse manufacturing and distribution concerns, Marc possesses a deep understanding of how to effectively steer companies and set them on a path to sustainable growth. He has extensive experience building, operating, and leading companies to accelerate revenue, profitability, and value both domestically and internationally. Marc is recognized for his ability to analyze the big picture and synthesize solutions and creative strategies, curating data-driven strategic plans to transform companies, both financially and through improved company culture and engagement. Visit his website at: https://ma33strategies.com/

Our Executive Spotlight is Ben Ziomek, recognized in the 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 List, and is the Co-Founder and CTO of Actuate, a company providing Real-Time Video AI. Ben started his career at Microsoft, where he led teams of engineers and data scientists leveraging AI to identify high-potential startups globally, driving nine figures of cloud revenue. He has worked as an AI consultant in Chicago, San Francisco, and Tel Aviv, and as a VC investing in AI and gaming startups. Visit his website at: https://actuate.ai/

Featured Presenters:

Natalia Barr with Empoweed Cookie, a vegan cookie co. dedicated to baking the world a better place with paleo, gluten-free, vegan and low-glycemic cookies. Award winning taste and texture, at https://www.empoweredcookie.com/

Shari Hammond with Inspired Product Development Grp, creating products with functionality and style, such as the Cabinet Caddy, an instant-access, pull-out cabinet organizer that makes the most of vertical space to maximize tidiness and Go Hang It! Pro, an all-in-one gadget that takes the frustration out of hanging and leveling pictures, at https://inspiredpdg.com/.

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