June 30th, 202106-27-2021: Creating the TV Show “Chopped” with Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Dave Noll, Re-Run of Episode #110

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Our Featured Guest for Sunday, June 27, 2021 is Dave Noll

Dave Noll is a TV “Mastermind” (Emmy Magazine). He’s a “Television Formats Powerhouse” (C21 Magazine). Dave is a two-time Emmy Award Winner, two-time Gracie Award Winner, and he won the coveted James Beard Award for Best Television Series: CHOPPED. He has created of 50+ television series, including Chopped Junior (2015), CBS’s syndicated series Face The Truth (2018), America Says (2018), Beat the House (2014), FOX’s syndicated series Punchline (2017), AMC’s Movies 101 (2005), Dinner Takes All (2019), BBC’s No Kitchen Required (2012), Winsanity (2016) and Rocco’s Dinner Party (2011). Dave is also a fiery and insightful keynote speaker whose unique look at the business world, light-up-the-room storytelling, and tangible, practical tips have thrilled (and inspired!) audiences from Los Angeles to Miami to New York. Read more at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davenolltv/

Visit the Entrepreneur Presenters for June 27, 2021 at their Websites:

Josh Goodman is the founder of Pour My Beer, a fast-growing self-pour beverage technology company giving customers the access to drinks of their choice paying by the ounce, at: https://pourmybeer.com/

Evan Boyd and Arielle Crawford are from Bioromper, the first antimicrobial full-body garment. BioRomper is made from antimicrobial technology that helps eliminate germs lurking on seats, armrests, headrests, and more, at: https://bioromper.com/

Louie Torres is the founder of Unleashed Marketing, a creative marketing agency that helps dog trainers generate new clients using Facebook & Instagram digital marketing funnels, at: https://www.unleashedmarketing.co/

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