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Our Featured Guest for June 20, 2021 is John Carini

John Carini is the Founder and CEO of iEnterprises, a leading provider of SAAS CRM, Mac, G Suite and Mobile solutions. John also runs Morris Tech Meetup, a New Jersey based Meetup group for entrepreneurs that has grown to nearly 2000 members in the last 8 years. His group ran the Pitch NJ competition this spring 2021 for entrepreneurial students! In this episode we interview the organizers and winners of the event. Read more at: https://ienterprises.com/ and https://www.meetup.com/Morris-Meetup/

Aashi Tailor & Jill Bhatia are the Co-Founders of Business Bootcamp and creators of the Pitch NJ event. Business Bootcamp is a nonprofit organization that seeks to educate and inspire youth to explore the field of business while preparing them for their professional careers, at https://www.businessbootcamp101.org/

Visit the Entrepreneur Presenters for June 20, 2021 at their Websites:

Maya Vinu is the Inventor of Fetch by Maya organic dog treats and the first place winner of the Pitch NJ event. At 11 years old, she stumbled upon the idea to make organic dog treats as part of the TREP project at school – a treat which her dog Copper would love and enjoy. Her dog ended up loving the treats and the product was a big hit at the TREP$ show and sold out. Maya decided to give 25% of her proceeds to the Eleventh Hour Rescue and continues to give back to the rescue for all sales. Read more at: https://fetchbymaya.com/

Azaryah Foger and Rebecca Wiater are Co-Founders of Security Key and the second place winners of the Pitch NJ event. Security Key is an automated security system that uses fingerprint technology to create more efficient security processes at religious schools and houses of worship in order to reduce the amount of personnel needed for security, while implementing a more effective method of taking attendance within schools. Security Keys’ solution is an automated security system that uses fingerprint technology to keep unwanted people out and let members of the community in. Read more at: https://sites.google.com/rkyhs.org/security-key/home?authuser=1

Tejas Mehta and Mario DiSanza are Co-Founders of hackSugar and the third place winners of the Pitch NJ event. hackSuger is a company built on ensuring and enhancing both user privacy and security. hackSugar’s most recent products include Weasel and blinkOS. Weasel is an encrypted messaging app built on the already existing SMS network, which allows users to send message with an extremely low network requirement while ensuring message security and integrity, at: https://www.virtualunited.events/