Our Featured Guest for Sunday, June 19, 2022 is Jon Ostenson

Jon Ostenson is the CEO of FranBridge Consulting, a top 1% national franchise broker, investor, author, international speaker and the foremost expert on the fast growing world of ‘Non-Food Franchising’. He draws on his experience as both the president of an Inc. 500 franchise system and as a multi-brand franchisee in serving his consulting clients that are looking to explore business ownership opportunities. FranBridge Consulting helps clients understand all aspects of non-food franchising in the process of introducing them to opportunities from the over 300 high growth brands that they represent. Jon is the author of the book, ‘The Franchise Path’ and is a frequent contributor and thought leader for publications on the topic of franchising and franchise investments. Prior to FranBridge, Jon was the President of ShelfGenie, a national franchise system with 200 locations. Prior to ShelfGenie, Jon was the Vice President of Sales for Carter’s Inc., responsible for over $350M in annual sales. Read more at: https://franbridgeconsulting.com/

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Bansi Lakhani is the founder of Healing Hands uniform scrubs. Healing Hands was conceived in the hospital room, not the boardroom, when our Good Karma is our way of life. Bansi suffered a massive heart attack at age 43 that required major surgery, he believed that he might not have survived without the dedicated nurses that cared for him. He vowed to give back to the “angels” that saved him. That experience convinced Bansi that the ill-fitting uniform scrubs made of scratchy fabric needed a major upgrade. Partnering with his son, Sid, he developed a comprehensive plan to make the best scrubs in the market. Today, nurses throughout the world love to wear Healing Hands. It was possible because Bansi just wanted to find a way to thank them. If you look inside the scrubs, he does just that with his appreciation messages like – “Thank you for being a healer,” “Every caregiver is a blessing,” and “You make the world better.” Read more at: https://healinghandsscrubs.com/

Wen Muenyi is the founder of HercLéon, providing the world’s best biology bedsheets, science-backed designs, based on your body. The product line includes Jax Sheets for men which are incredibly breathable, soft, smooth, and requires less laundry to keep them clean. Zuri – The World’s First Anti-Aging Pillowcase. Swanson Sheets for older adults optimized to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Skyler Sheets For Students are designed to stay clean for weeks, help keep your body acne-free, and comes with simple laundry requirements. Baba For Babies crib sheets offer research-backed and science-based comfort and safety following European pediatrics hospitals’ standards for hygiene to prevent bacteria, fungus, E.Coli, MRSA, and other potentially harmful viruses. Bull Sheets for Athletes are created using a unique blend of carbonized minerals, eco-friendly fibers, and even a groundbreaking textile technology developed by NASA for their spacesuit. Read more at: https://hercleon.com/