June 14th, 202006-14-20: The Most Important Thing to Make Sure is in Your License Agreement with Inventor & Coach Howie Busch, Episode #72

Listen to the podcast on the YouTube video above or watch our video recording.

Our featured guest for Sunday, June 14th is Howie Busch

Inventor, Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker & Attorney, Howie Busch has experienced success in a number of businesses and industries. In June of 2017, he launched a Kickstarter campaign for DudeRobe that fully funded in just 2 days. Three months later he was pitching on Shark Tank. Howie’s other inventions include The On-Hand Pillow/World’s Smallest Travel Pillow sold in airports nationwide, Ugly Christmas Blankets™…perfect holiday gift for any hard to shop for person in your life, and Wall Wobblers, a sports & entertainment licensed bobblehead for your wall sold in Walmart & other stores. Additionally, Howie consults for and advises numerous companies, coaches and individual inventors. You can visit Howie at his website at: https://www.duderobe.com/

Featured Presenters:

Geralyn Breig with Anytownusa.com, the first marketplace for made-in USA products. The platform evokes small town America, and every seller is offering authentic items – from home products, to clothes and beyond. Users can sell or buy one-of-a kind handmade items, custom-made by skilled craftsmen in the USA, at https://anytownusa.com/

Twanita Dozier with Boss Up Magazine, a multimedia platform that highlights emerging entrepreneurs featuring bosses, events, and more, at https://carolinaeyecandy.com/.

Nadia Ameri with The Flower Apothecary, offering flower essence therapy to manage stress & emotions like fear, anxiety & more with safe and gentle Bach flower essences in a bottle, at https://theflowerapothecary.com/

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