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Our Featured Guest for March 28th is Alex Furmansky

Alex Furmansky is an investment banker turned start-up founder and was featured on Shark Tank with his company Budsies, where he turns kids’ drawings into custom-sewen stuffed animals created from any drawing or photo. Since Budsies launched in August 2013, over 125,000 Budsies have been created for happy customers across 63 countries around the world, including the U.S., France, India and Australia. Alex turned down the deal he was offered by the Sharks, and has successfully expanded Budsies into other brands (Selfies, Petsies, Stuffed Animal Pros) and now offers not only custom plushies but an array of custom gifts. Alex is very passionate about business, being successful and customer-driven innovation. He’s an expert in the ever-changing e-commerce world, has achieved market dominance, and continues to build his brands and extend his reach. Read more at:

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Sarah Brandow is the Co-Founder and Chief Nutritionist at Vitabowl, an on-demand premium delivery brand that serves locally sourced premium, nutritionist backed, plant-based, superfood meals and beverages to the convenience of your office or preferred location, at:

Lisa Caprelli is the award winning author and director of Unicorn Jazz, a popular and best-selling children’s unicorn book series and educational kids show, The THING I Do Kids Show & Stories. Discover the entertaining children’s unicorn book series families adore that celebrates love, kindness, being unique, believing in others. Help kids discover their passions & talent with their Amazon TV family show, at: