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Our Featured Guest for March 14th is Terry Jones

Terry Jones is a Keynote Speaker, Innovator, Author and the founder of two billion dollar startups – Kayak and Travelocity and has served on 17 corporate boards. His success has established him as a thought leader on innovation and disruption. Terry has presented in over 25 countries to 300+ companies, helping companies use the tools and techniques he’s developed to keep up with this rapidly changing world. His programs on innovation, leadership and customer relationships are always thought provoking, entertaining and customized. Attendees walk away with inspired ideas and concrete action items to implement in their companies. He is the author of “On Innovation”, about Turning ON Innovation in your culture, teams, and organization as well as the author of “Disruption Off” about The Technological Disruption Coming For Your Company And What To Do About It. Read more at:

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Brian Fried is a serial inventor, radio show host, speaker and author. His latest invention is the Paper Towel Topper, a handy device that attaches to the top of your paper towel holder to keep your paper towels dry, clean and germ free. Simple and easy to use, just slide the Paper Towel Topper right into the inner tube of the paper towel roll, at: and

Lauren Dennis is the founder of The Artbox Academy, offering customized curated Monthly Art Box Subscriptions, Jumbo Architecture Boxes, Fairy Boxes, Lesson Bundles and Pediatric Hospital Boxes – all to ensure your students and children are engaged, ignited and inspired! Each Art Box and Lesson Bundle is inspired by The Great Master Artists and Architects, at:

Robert Ciampi has a psychotherapy practice in New Jersey and has been a mental health clinician since 1995, which included working in community mental health centers and hospitals, helping individuals with serious and persistent mental illnesses lead more meaningful lives. His book, When to Call a Therapist is available on Amazon and at all bookstores, at: