Our Featured Guest for March 13, 2022 is Eric Kades

Eric Kades has been using the latest in AI and messaging platforms, combined with 25 years of experience in the call center industry, to reimagine the way schools and businesses engage with target audiences. Eric is the CEO and founder of JetSpring, JetSense and TextChat. Eric founded JetSpring in 2009 to streamline the way higher ed institutions converse with their students. Under his guidance, JetSpring has become a leading provider of communication and data analytics solutions to the industry. Founded in 2017, JetSense is a provider of bespoke communication solutions with a focus on chatbot creation, data analytics services, messaging technology, and customer support. JetSense uses proprietary AI technology to provide clients with brand-specific chatbots, backed by human support, and sophisticated data analytics services. Most recently in 2020, Eric founded TextChat, which helps businesses increase sales by connecting website visitors in real-time via live chat to text message. 78% of businesses buy from the first company that they speak with, it’s imperative that your business has the tools to connect in real-time. In 2000 Eric co-founded Conspectus, a call center management company with clients in the cable, telecom, education, healthcare, and insurance industries. Read more at: and

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Janice Gould is the CEO and Co-Founder of Responsive Drip Irrigation (RDI), and the creator of the GrowthStream system. RDI GrowStream™ is the world’s only irrigation & fertigation system that uses organic chemistry to allow each and every plant to self-regulate its own water and nutrient delivery. Holding over 40 patents globally, Growstream’s microporous tube responds directly to root signals, releasing water and nutrients at a variable flow rate to precisely meet each plant’s individual needs. Janice has established RDI’s manufacturing and distribution facility in the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi and is currently collaborating with the Abu Dhabi Agricultural & Food Safety Authority, along with AgTech companies that offer innovative solutions to launch RDI’s Global Sustainability Center in Abu Dhabi, which is focused on the research and development for best practices in agriculture to preserve the planet for future generations. Read more at:

Joe Balzamo is the COO of AR Management Company, a full-service property management company with offices in Mount Arlington and Morristown, New Jersey. The company provides administration, management, and operation services to community associations throughout Northern New Jersey. AR Management’s HOA Management Platform, helps HOA boards of all sizes improve transparency in their HOA operations and manage their board documents, accounting & financials, and activities—all in one place. Joe works with board members to set up their own personalized Community Portal to keep track of day-to-day operations and provide ongoing support to homeowners. Each Community Portal comes with member portals for homeowners. This allows homeowners to pay and submit their fees online, efficiently communicate with board members, and stay updated on the latest news and activities. Read more at: