Our Featured Guest for February 27, 2022 is Pete Mohr

Pete Mohr is the host of the Simplifying Entrepreneurship podcast and a Business Made Simple Certified coach. Pete has owned and operated businesses in service, trades and retail and has operated franchise and independent businesses. Currently, he owns footwear stores called Shoetopia in Ontario. As a former business broker, Pete helped people buy and sell businesses and now uses that background in helping business owners create turn-key businesses so that they can enjoy the freedoms that entrepreneurship can deliver. He strongly believes that business owners deserve to live the life that they want and spend the majority of their time working “on” their businesses, not “in” them. Pete’s specialty is creating and explaining frameworks that simplify leadership, strategy and communication across the business. Read more at: https://simplifyingentrepreneurship.com/

On the Executive Spotlight is Taryn Abrahams, a corporate behavioral and human interaction expert and the founder of Empower Behavioral Services, a full-service consulting and training company focused on helping businesses strengthen interpersonal relations. Through the company’s innovative consulting and training workshops, corporate teams, managers, and human resource executives are educated and empowered to manage and lead with confidence, determination, understanding, and finesse. Workshops cover a variety of areas, including diversity training, communications training, and unconscious bias training, with a focus on authentic employee interactions. Leveraging her experience as a psychotherapist, Taryn’s innovative suite of workshops are designed to enhance employee morale, foster collaborative and productive workplace environments, and nurture employee loyalty and ambassadorship. Read more at: https://www.empowerbehavioralservices.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenter is Liz Giorgi, the co-founder of soona, a virtual photoshoot platform that offers pro photo and video in 24 hours. Services in include photo and video for ecommerce, lifestyle, social media images, headshots and more. soona allows users to create content virtually without leaving their home and with free shipping. Upon starting the company, Liz was immediately faced with the pandemic. Instead of recoiling, she leaned into the chaos and soona exploded. Not only has the company gone from about a dozen to over 100 people, but she’s been featured on the likes of NPR regarding the company’s Candor Clause. It’s an open-source legal disclosure for inclusion in fundraising documents to foster conversations between founders and investors about gender equality. Read more at: https://soona.co/