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Our Featured Guest for January 24th is Dr. Gilda Carle and Our Executive Spotlight is Len Green

Dr. Gilda Carle Ph.D. is the media’s Go-To Relationship Strategist & Performance Coach, serving clients worldwide. As a celebrity media personality, she was the therapist on TV’s Sally Jessy Raphael show, as well as other TV & news shows, from Howard Stern to Dateline. She also conducts Relationship Wellness for the Bottom Line keynotes for corporations & medical facilities, including Columbia University Medical Center. As President of non-profit Country Cures® (www.CountryCures.org), she uniquely applies Country Music to empower Homeless Female Veterans. She is a product spokesperson (Hallmark, Harlequin, Sprint, Cottonelle, Galderma Pharmaceuticals, Match.com), keynote speaker, Professor Emerita of Business, and author of 18 books, including “Don’t Bet on the Prince!” (test question on “Jeopardy”), “How to WIN When Your Mate Cheats” (literary award winner from London Book Festival), and “Don’t Lie on Your Back for a Guy Who Doesn’t Have Yours” (featured on National Enquirer’s Health Page). She wrote the weekly “30-Second Therapist” column for the Today Show, the “Ask Dr. Gilda” column for Match.com, and she was the therapist in HBO’s Emmy Award winner, “Telling Nicholas,” featured on Oprah. She hosted Fox’s “Dr. Gilda” TV show pilot, MTV’s “Love Doc,” and TV shows on Trinity Broadcasting Network. TV’s Dr. Gilda show is currently in development. Read more at: https://www.drgilda.com/.

On the Executive Spotlight is Len Green,, a serial entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, consultant and founder of The Green Group, an accounting, tax, consulting and advisory firm. He has been recognized nationally as a tax expert and family business consultant. Some of the successful business he’s started include: a pet food company, a thoroughbred horse breeding and racing operation, a professional sports team, a commercial real estate management corporation and many startups. Read more at:

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Marc Canter, is the founder of Instigate.ai, a Conversational Storytelling tool, playback system and ecosystem that allows people to create their own personal bot, at: https://www.instigate.ai/

Arthur Lih, is the founder of LifeVac, a non-invasive, single patient portable airway clearance device to be used in a choking emergency, at https://lifevac.net/