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Our Featured Guest for January 17th is Nir Bashan

Nir Bashan is a world-renowned creativity expert and founder of The Creator Mindset, LLC, a company that conducts workshops, consulting, coaching, and keynote speeches at conferences and corporate events. From working with Hollywood and music stars like Woody Harrelson and Rod Stewart, Nir discovered something that may shock you: These creative superstars aren’t all that different from us! It’s just that they have mastered a method of repeatable and predictable creativity — a type of creativity that anyone can learn. And it turns out that’s the same type of creativity can be used in businesses and careers everywhere! His clients include AT&T, Microsoft, Ace Hardware, NFL Network, EA Sports, Suzuki, Activision and jetBlue. His work on creativity has won a Clio Award and was nominated for an Emmy. Read more at: https://www.nirbashan.com/.

On the Executive Spotlight is Andrea Pass, the founder of Andrea Pass Public Relations. For over 30 years, Andrea has created and implemented public relations campaigns in a wide range of categories including consumer products, lifestyle, B2B, education, health/wellness/fitness, beauty, food, authors, non-profits and more. Pass uses a public relations model to secure coverage clients in media outlets from NBC “Today,” ABC “20/20,” MSNBC “Your Business,” ABC “Good Morning America,” “Wendy Williams Show,” “Steve Harvey,” “Ellen,” Hallmark “Home & Family,” FNC “FOX & Friends” to The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Associated Press as well as targeted trade and individual market press. Read more at: https://www.andreapasspr.com/.

Visit the Entrepreneur Presenters for January 17th at their Websites:

Holly Daniels Christensen, is the founder of Dune Jewelry, offering jewelry using the sands from various beaches around the world to capture memories from where you’ve been, where you love & where you’re going, at: https://dunejewelry.com/

Chad Blecker, is the founder of New Jersey Home Modification Services LLC, specializing in making homes accessible for older adults and people with special needs, at https://njhomemods.com