Our Featured Guest for Sunday, January 22, 2023 is Mark Drager

Mark Drager is a Brand and Positioning Expert and is the host of the We Do Hard Things podcast. Mark has close to 20 years experience in marketing and communications and built a multi-million dollar branding and creative agency, Phanta Media. Phanta Media helps speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs level-up their brands, events, and content. PhantaMedia has over 15-years of experience as a creative production agency, producing 2,000+ projects for 300+ clients involving creative video, podcasts, live events, YouTube series, digital ad campaigns, webinars and courses. Services include event branding, emcee and hosting, pre-event social clips, event production and post-event promotion. Mark’s We Do Hard Things podcast is a weekly business and mindset show, where Mark interviews inspiring entrepreneurs, athletes, and creatives. The podcast shares untold stories, advice, and the lessons learned from those who have faced fears, taken big risks, and chased down dreams. Mark’s podcast has 3.4 million views on YouTube. Read more at: https://www.markdrager.com/ and at: https://www.phanta.com/.

Our Entrepreneur Presenters for January 22, 2023:

Mark Priddy is the founder of Happy Day Brands, a food brand that crafts better-for-you all natural, Non-GMO and organic products that nourish and inspire, bring people together, improve the human condition and shape a more sustainable world. Whether it’s working closely with their network of grain growers in the Pacific Northwest, or their organic coffee farmers in Central America, Happy Day Brands is committed to providing a line of Non-GMO gluten free, organic pasta, baking mixes, oatmeal, superfood grains, and fair trade coffee. Every Happy Day product sold provides meals to those in need their “BUY ONE, GIVE ONE” campaign in partnership with our Feeding America network of food banks. Happy Day has also helped to employ and train over 7000 women around the world, impacting over 100,000 lives. Their U.S. Job Readiness Training Initiative had a 96% graduation rate, with over 82% transitioning into formal employment. Their work has been recognized globally by the University of Oxford for their model of empowerment, as well as recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Read more at: https://www.happydaybrands.com/

Mike Ortega is the founder of the Petzey pet wellness app, which allows you to connect with a vet professional in minutes. The first and only network of its kind delivers on-demand expertise, all conveniently from your smartphone for only $20 a consultation, per pet. No hidden fees, subscriptions or memberships. Petzy ensures that every vet professional is licensed in at least one state and has a degree from an accredited veterinary or veterinary technology school. Petzey all started with a Golden Retriever named Zuzu. One day, Zuzu ate something she wasn’t supposed to (as dogs do) and got sick and her family was unable to get immediate help when they needed it most. Their vet clinic was closed, the closest emergency vet was hours away, and the internet provided a black hole of scary and uninformed diagnoses that only made matters worse. Luckily, Zuzu made it through the night and was treated by her vet the following morning. But, her family decided, it would have been a lot less stressful to have gotten the answers when they needed them most. And so, Petzey was born. Read more at: https://petzey.com/