November 4th, 2018The November 4th, 2018 Poll Winner for the Passage to Profit Show is: Cargo Fish!

We’re excited to present the November 4th, 2018 winner: Robert Dedominico with Cargofish, who is among our all-time poll winners with an amazing 3,706 points!

From Cargofish: 

CargoFish will be a Physical Internet.  This will allow on demand transport of anything that will fit in its standard container, between any two points on the network.  Groceries from store to home, mail, trash removal, express courier service, etc.  Remember the world before the Internet?  That’s what we are living in today… the world without the Physical Internet!  We have to drive to the store, park in that huge lot, walk the aisles picking our order, then lug it all out to the car and load it only to have to unload again at home and lug it inside!  How nice it will be to just have it delivered right to a receiving appliance in the kitchen instead!”

Please visit his website at project can also be found on Facebook.

Listen here for the full episode, or visit the Passage to Profit Show page for updates and the current poll. If you are interested in presenting on our show, you can also apply through our form below.

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