March 15th, 2019The March 3rd, 2019 Poll Winner for the Passage to Profit Show is: Get Your Goddess!

We’re happy to announce the March 3rd winner: Audrey Davis-Dunning with Get Your Goddess, an organization dedicated to celebrating what is right and beautiful about you, at She won this week’s poll with 17 points!

From Get Your Goddess:

“Being a GODDESS is a mindset. It is belief in your worth and value as a woman. The POWER of your presence. Rocking her own brand of BEAUTY, a GODDESS moves with certainty and purpose. MOVEMENT is a way of life. Whether it is moving her dreams and ambitions forward or simply moving her body, she is unstoppable. A GODDESS willing and enthusiastically supports other Goddesses in their pursuits and hearing of their success is MUSIC to her ears. She believes the ACHIEVEMENT of one woman is an achievement for us all. When a woman decides to GET HER GODDESS, she unleashes A FREEDOM & FEARLESSNESS TO BE WHO SHE IS……IN ALL OF HER GLORY.”

To listen to the episode in full, please follow this link: please follow this link.

Visit the Passage to Profit Show page for updates and the current poll. If you are interested in presenting on our show, you can also apply through our form here.

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