July 5th, 2019The June 30th, 2019 Winner of the Passage to Profit Show is: Living Beyond the Facade: Health/Finances for Minorities!

Dr. Christine Thorpe with her upcoming book Living Beyond the Facade has won this week’s poll with 127 points!

Dr. Thorpe is the author of the forthcoming book Living Beyond the Facade, is a health educator, wellness coach, co-founder of Stronger Tomorrow and a university administrator. Her book, Living Beyond the Facade, is a study of health practices and retirement planning decisions of Americans of African descent, with the purpose of developing models to help disenfranchised communities improve their status of health and finances, at https://www.instagram.com/livingbeyondthefacade/

Visit the Passage to Profit Show page for updates and the current poll. If you are interested in presenting on our show, you can also apply through our form here.

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