February 8th, 202102-07-2021: How to Implement Cause Marketing in Your Business with the Founder of Rosica Communications, Chris Rosica, Episode #101

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Our Featured Guest for February 7th is Chris Rosica

Chris Rosica is the President and CEO of Rosica Communications, a traditional and online PR and integrated marketing communications company in the New York City metropolitan area and in Vermont. Chris is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping businesses grow, adapt to change, outpace the competition, and improve internal and external communications. Chris is a popular keynote speaker and lecturer on social media, online reputation management and media relations. Chris authored The Authentic Brand, which details the process and effects of incorporating cause marketing into a company’s business and promotional agenda. His forthcoming book, The Business of Cause Marketing details the process and the results of successfully incorporating cause marketing into a company’s business strategy. Read more at: https://www.rosica.com/.

On the Executive Spotlight is Michelle Ricketts. Michelle is a Business Consultant, and owner of Cohesion Services powered by Wardell International. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Wardell is an international business advisory firm that over more than 20 years has worked with thousands of business owners in more than 15 countries. Michelle’s mission is to transform client’s businesses to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and do a happy dance regularly. She empowers entrepreneurs by arming them with business knowledge to help them achieve sustainable growth and the lifestyles they’ve dreamed of and worked towards. Read more at: https://linkedin.com/in/michellemricketts/

Visit the Entrepreneur Presenters for February 7th at their Websites:

Tata Tickaradze is the founder of Barter & Be, a curated community of female entrepreneurs exchanging essential goods and services without utilizing capital, at https://barterandbe.com/

Jordan Bolebruch is the inventor of The Aftermask, a skincare sheet mask designed and formulated for those who wear a face mask on the reg. Fight breakouts, sooth irritation, and dryness, at: https://theaftermask.com/

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