August 10th, 202008-09-2020: Customer Relationship Management with the author of CRM for Dummies and founder of GreenRope, Lars Helgeson, Episode #79

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Our featured guest for Sunday, August 9th is Lars Helgeson

Lars Helgeson is a customer relationship management expert and the founder and CEO of GreenRope, a CRM and Marketing Automation service. Lars is also the author of the book CRM For Dummies published by Wiley and Sons, along with numerous articles and whitepapers about CRM, marketing, entrepreneurship, and business strategy. Lars has been in the internet marketing space since 2000, when he co-founded one of the world’s first email service providers, CoolerEmail. He has also been featured as a speaker on Ted Talk and is hired as a speaker for conferences, networking organization meetings, and educational seminars.
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Visit the Entrepreneur Presenters for August 9th at their Websites:

Cole Merlino with The UStand, the world’s most versatile umbrella stand that can be used at the beach, poolside, on a backyard deck and more! It is ultra durable and provides convenient and easy shade for anyone and anywhere at,

Matthew Cristaldi with Ribbit app, which connects people who are food and environment conscious, to restaurants that match with their values. Ribbit is powered by a community of foodies who want a truly sustainable dining experience and now offers a COVID which identifies safe & clean restaurants, at

Edward Madongorere from Moon Ultra Light, a new, ultra-portable lighting accessory that can be used on smart phone devices and more, designed with intuitive touch controls that provide customizable brightness and tone at,

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