12-17-2023:Entrepreneurs' Guide to Linkedin Marketing with Julie Livingston + Others, Episode #218

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, December 17, 2023 is Julie Livingston

Step into the dynamic world of LinkedIn mastery with PR expert and Linkedin marketing luminary Julie Livingston from WantLeverge Communications! Julie unveils the secrets to standing out on Linkedin with authenticity, leveraging AI, and crafting compelling narratives. Join the conversation as we explore collaborative articles to the power of storytelling, and gain invaluable insights on becoming a thought leader in the digital realm. Don’t miss this engaging episode that promises to redefine your approach to LinkedIn and propel your digital presence to new heights! 

Julie’s specialization is in raising the visibility of senior leaders by developing their thought leadership and media placement, as a means of strengthening competitive advantage, increasing stakeholder engagement and retaining talent. Julie works with Chief Executive Officers, Chief Marketing Officers and VP Communications who want to more effectively tell their brand story, leverage LinkedIn and deepen engagement with customers, fans and followers. She also works with under the radar companies who are ready to start getting serious traction from their PR and LinkedIn marketing, so they can be seen as the #1 choice in their industry sector. Read more at: https://wantleverage.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters:

Lee Uehara uplifts others via multi-media content creation (photography, podcasting, journalism) and consulting when she’s not photographing rockstar podcasters and speakers (Uehara Photograpy) Lee shares random life hacks on one of her shows and reports on hyper-local news on her neighborhood-niche podcast. She is also the co-founder of Asian American Podcasters Association and runs the indie collective, NYCPodcasters. Lee is a former reporter for The Associated Press in New York City. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and in other publications as well as on radio stations across the country. Lee hosts and produces her own online show/podcast, The House of Lee NYC when she is not contracted for outside news and feature story reporting. Read more at: https://ueharaphotography.com/ , https://aapodcasters.org/ , https://nycpodcasters.com/ and at: https://houseofleenyc.com/

Barbara and Danielle Gomes are the founders of Cuticle-B-Gone, a revolutionary nail care tool that preserves the health of your nails while creating a beautifully manicured look. Unsatisfied with the over-abundance of damaging nail care tools, they knew there was a better way to manicure your nails. Cutting cuticles leaves lasting damage and creates a cycle of destructive care that puts you at risk for infections. Cuticle-B-Gone gently buffs away dead skin and hang nails, preserving the health and beauty of your nail bed.

Here’s the story behind Cuticle-B-Gone: Barbara’s mother was a breast cancer survivor and was left with a lymphedema arm, which put her at high risk for infections. Unable to cut her mother’s painful hangnails and cuticles, Barbara filed them. While filing took care of the hangnails and cuticles, it damaged the nail in the process. Years later, when Barbara had grandchildren, she found that, again, filing was a much better option. She also discovered that filing her own cuticles created a much longer lasting and smoother manicure. However, the typical nail files that she used meant that damage to the nail was unavoidable. After years of frustration, Barbara decided that it was time to revolutionize the nail care industry. Cuticle-B-Gone is a simple, yet effective, safer way to manicure your nails. Just say no to cutting your cuticles. Read more at: https://cuticlebgone.com/