12-03-2023Entrepreneurs Living Youthfully: Age Hacking with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, Episode #217

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, December 3, 2023 is Dr. Jeffrey Gladden

Join us on a transformative journey with the renowned Dr. Jeffrey R. Gladden MD, FACC, founder and medical director of Gladden Longevity + Advanced Performance Center, an esteemed clinic located in Dallas, Texas. He is also the host of the Gladden Longevity Podcast. Dr. Gladden is dedicated to optimizing life energy, longevity, health, and performance. As the mastermind behind the term “age hacking,” Dr. Gladden delves into the science and art of reprogramming our bodies at a cellular level to unlock the secrets of youthful living. Explore the intriguing concept of living with a 30-year-old body and a 300-year-old mind, as Dr. Gladden shares real-life success stories and practical insights!

Battling fatigue, anxiety, and depression, he embarked on a transformative journey into unearthing answers to his own health challenges. Fueled by the question, “How good can I be?” Dr. Gladden transitioned from a conventional health care approach to championing peak human performance. Today, his life is a testament to this transformation, exemplifying boundless vitality through activities like running, surfing, mountain biking, and music. Dr. Gladden’s journey beckons us to embrace our ageless potential and embark on a path to Live Young for a Lifetime. Read more at: https://gladdenlongevity.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters:

Jodi Scott is the co-founder of Green Goo, a company that makes potent, portable first aid and body care products. Green Goo uses only plant-based ingredients and slow infuse them in enriching oils. The result is one of the most effective, all-natural product lines on the market. Formed in 2008, Green Goo is a women-owned, family-operated Certified B Corporation. Their products are cruelty free and made in the USA with 100% natural ingredients. Green Goo started small, making products for friends, family, and the local farmer’s market, and has now grown into a thriving, value-driven company. As Green Goo evolves, they remain committed to their roots: a time-honored infusion process, high-quality ingredients, and simple, effective products that are safe for you, your family, and the environment. Read more at: https://greengoo.com/

Zoe Ley is the co-founder of The Rockster, the world’s first certified bio-organic superfood for dogs. Rockster quite simply has established a new standard in calibre of ingredients, dog nutrition and palatability never seen before in the industry. The company is passionate about enhancing the lives of pets and offer retailers the opportunity to genuinely offer their customers the choice of having the best of the best. Acknowledged as the “best of the best” from Europe it offers the dog owner the ability to feed, or superboost kibble, with the highest calibre of complete and balanced organic food to their dog without having to cook and source the ingredients themselves or take up room in their freezer. Rockster products use only muscle and vital inner organs of animals raised under strict organic criteria without use of antibiotics or added growth hormones and fed biologically appropriate food without exposure to chemicals or pesticides. Read more at: https://www.therockster.com/