November 30th, 202011-29-2020: Entrepreneurism in TV & Media with the Founder of E! Entertainment TV Larry Namer, Episode #93


Listen to the podcast on the YouTube video above or watch our video recording.

Our Featured Guest for November 29th is Larry Namer

Larry Namer is the founder of E! Entertainment TV and other media companies in the US and internationally such as FanVestor and Metan Globla Entertainment. He is a pioneer in media for the past 45 years with an inspiring story starting off as a cable splicer and working his way up to become the founder of E! Entertianment TV, now valued at over $3.5 billion USD. Metan Global is an entertainment and technology company that has established its position in China as a premier media company developing content across a diversified distribution network including television, online, film and mobile. FanVestor is an innovative data-driven ecosystem for celebrities, brands and their fans, through which investors make investments related to their favorite talent, musicians or athletes. Read more at: and at

Visit the Entrepreneur Presenters for November 29th at their Websites:

Karen Tenenbaum, Esq. is the founder Walter the Vault, which teach kids to save reasonably, spend responsibly, invest wisely, give appropriately, and budget regularly through episodes, events, contests and more, at:

Karen Anne Jacks is the founder of Della Ricca Hair Color, a high-quality premium professional hair color product that is designed for at-home-use formulated by licensed professional hair colorists, at

Tod Barrett founder of OneBlade, engineers of a modern design razor that gives a smooth, ultra-close shave without the aggressive, go-beneath-the-surface extra blades that cause razor burn and ingrown hairs, at

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