October 19th, 202010-19-2020: Advice from a Sales Champion with Joyce Johnson, Business Coach & Founder of Why Sales Network, Episode #88

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Our Featured Guest for Sunday, October 18th is Joyce Johnson

Joyce Johnson is an Author, Speaker, Sales Champion, and Business Coach, Founder of Why Sales Network and has worked as a sales leader, business consultant and mentor for over 20 years. Joyce began her career in professional sports and later entered the telecommunications industry leading to a role as Sales Director in Global markets. Experienced in her previous sales role, Joyce finished at the Top (#1) for two consecutive years 2017 and 2018. Passionate about mentorship and development of college students, she has published three books “Why Sales for College Students”, “Top 10 Sales Tips for College Grads” and “Get A Job Today- Five Things You Need to Know” in a series of guides to coach students on personal growth and development of their career path. Read more at: https://iamjoycejohnson.com/ and https://whysalesnetwork.com/

On the Executive Spotlight:

Alec Thomson is the co-founder of Riskcast, a productivity and forecasting tool for the construction industry that helps project managers to track labor, material and equipment, without the need to maintain multiple fancy spreadsheets. The mission is to enable the construction industry to unleash the power of data to reduce risk in all areas of performance while putting project teams first. Read more at: https://www.riskcast.com/

Visit the Entrepreneur Presenters for October 18th at their Websites:

Evan Leaphart from Kiddie Kredit, an app designed to teach families the importance of financial literacy. It is a mobile chore tracking platform that assigns credit value based on the number of chores your child performs, at https://www.kiddiekredit.com/

Caroline Egbelu from Health Enhanced Foods, a specialty flour company that uses various combinations of high quality and unprocessed flour to create nutritional flour products, at https://www.healthenhancedfoods.com/

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