09-10-2023Book Publishing for Small Business Owners with Michael DeLon, Rerun of Episode #152

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, September 10, 2023 is Michael DeLon

Michael DeLon, is a coach, marketing strategist, book publisher and the founder of Paperback Expert, a book publishing firm to help small business owners publish a book that positions them as the expert in their field. Since 2013 he has helped hundreds of professionals become authors and help business owners grow their business. Create your book without writing a word in under 24 hours of your time. Then use your book to grow your business using our done-for-you book marketing system. Business owners are included in every part of their book’s process and Paperback Expert helps them organize, transcribe, format, and publish their business’ book. His Speak-to-Write process: Paperback Experts interviews authors to create their content, then polishes the interviews into a manuscript. After a stunning cover design is created and the book goes to Amazon and the entrepreneur is an author! Many people have thought about writing a book. But they haven’t because “it seems hard” or they “don’t know how.” Michael can share why publishing a book is a fabulous marketing idea and how they can start creating their book today. Read more at: https://paperbackexpert.com

Visit the Entrepreneur Presenters for September 10, 2023 at their Websites:

Henry Lovejoy, is the Founder of Freshé- small meals with big protein. Freshé is the perfect go-to option for healthy, delicious eating wherever you are. All-natural ingredients packed into a pocket-sized BPA-free tin with fresh olive oil, hearty vegetables, and certified sustainable protein (fish-based). Open. Enjoy. Energize. From the vivid coastlines of Portugal and Spain, Freshé brings an old European tradition of artisanal tinned meals to the American shore. Ready-to-eat globally inspired small meals with simple ingredients, vibrant superfoods and sustainably sourced protein, infused with savory herbs & spices. Crafted in time-honored style. Read more at: https://freshemeals.com/

Karima El-Hakkaoui, is the founder of Six Gldn (six golden) skincare line offering a range of 5 high-performance clean products. Six Gldn products are the most unique & powerful botanical skincare in the world. Doctor formulated from 9 generations of family botanical formulas. The extraordinary formulas are built on 400 years of scientific research in advanced Korean herbal medicine, honed and perfected over generations. The product line is natural, vegan, cruelty-free and the company is also eco-friendly – by the end of this year all products will be 100% refillable and plastic-free. Read more at: https://www.sixgldn.com