08-27-2023Audio Branding to Elevate your Marketing with Jodi Krangle, Rerun of Episode #153

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, August 27, 2023 is Jodi Krangle

Jodi Krangle, is a female voice over talent, specializing in warm, rich, real reads for commercials & narrations for clients such as Dell, Bose, BBVA, Subway, Steinmart, Bissell, Unisom, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Kraft, Visit Orlando, HGTV, and more. Her voiceover journey began with singing —since around the time she started talking. Fast forward to 1993. Through gaming (Dungeons and Dragons, to be exact), Jodi was introduced to “Filk” music—the music that’s played at science fiction/fantasy conventions. In 1994, she joined two friends from the fandom world to form an acoustic band called Urban Tapestry. In their time together, they headlined at music conventions in Canada, the U.S., and Europe. Jodi’s first voiceover work was in 1995 when she spent a year in a volunteer position with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) creating books on tape, reel to reel. Several years later, she took the leap to venture out on my own, and boy, has it been rewarding. She’s done voiceover work in the healthcare, corporate, hospitality, political, and non-profit sectors, among others. She is honored to be the Winner of the 2018 SOVAS Award for Outstanding Narration Demo. Read more at: https://voiceoversandvocals.com/

Visit the Entrepreneur Presenters for August 27, 2023 at their Websites:

Monica Talbert, is the founder of The Plant Based Seafood Co., an all female, family owned company with a passion for creating healthy and delicious seafood experiences that are so close to the real thing. Products include plant-based coconut shrimp, dusted shrimp, dusted scallops and lobster crab cakes. Prior to founding the company, for nearly 20 years, Monica and her family successfully created and sold award-winning real seafood products. During these 20 years, they witnessed some unacceptable and sometimes hidden practices in the seafood industry. These practices were leading to overfishing, among other things, and putting pressure on species and also our food supply system. If we are to feed a population of almost 10 Billion by 2050, an alternative, in addition to aquaculture, is needed. They set out to be the first seafood company to offer plant based alternatives in hopes to spur meaningful change and be part of the solution for the future. Read more at: https://plantbasedseafoodco.com/

Miriam Younger, is the founder of MYPLATYPUS LLC and Uplatypus, an app like no other – an innovative, fun welcoming place to find meaningful connections specially designed for the disability community. Whether it be creating meaningful friendships or something more, uplatypus is a new inclusive space where users can create real, meaningful connections and relationships. The platform is different from other apps because they do not present a photo first so that users meet real people and not just see them as a simple photo. Miriam is an experienced matchmaker who knows the joy that can come from helping people make connections. She recognized the importance of trying to reduce the isolation and loneliness people often experience, and how much of a difference this could make in their lives. The recent pandemic has shown us all the importance of human connections and how critical it is to our well-being. Read more at: http://uplatypus.com/