08-06-2023The Missing Metric: How Your Business Shows Up, with Marcy Axelrod, Episode #209

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, August 6, 2023 is Marcy Axelrod

Marcy Axelrod is a keynote and two-time TEDx speaker, award-winning author, TV contributor, management consultant and Creator of the Show Up System, sharing with the world what is described as “nature’s model of how humans are designed to Show Up”. Her compelling, authoritative, well-researched talks instantly shift how we work, relate, and live by establishing in 3-D what it means to “Truly Show Up!”. Her 20 years of research started when she left Wall Street, and became a leader in KPMG Consulting’s High Tech Strategy practice in Silicon Valley. Marcy’s decades of research into how people achieve, and specifically how and why people choose to Show Up, provides a new way of seeing the world. The resulting framework is already helping thousands of people live closer to their potential and enabling a wide range of companies to innovate and grow. She speaks at events and conferences around the globe. Her topics address employee and workforce engagement, innovation, creativity, strategy and business growth, as well as effectiveness, adaptability and agility in the future of work.

In her keynotes and latest book, “How We Choose to Show Up” Marcy draws upon proprietary research and applies neuroscience, psychology, evolutionary biology and behavioral economics to explain why 80% of Americans “Just Show Up”, underachieving our potential, and what to do about it. The book highlights something we’re all doing, to one degree or another – improvising through life, with more “Just show up” and less “What matters?” and “How do I make it happen?” Self-reflecting and intentful choice are often condensed, if not cancelled, by crowded schedules, tech-centricity and America’s culture. The three Show Up Skills and continuum immediately help us deepen meaning, achieving and contributing. Read more at: https://choosetoshowup.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters for August 6, 2023:

Phillip Humm is a Bestselling Author, TEDx speaker, Coach and founder of Power of Storytelling, where he teaches how to use Storytelling in business to inspire, motivate, and connect at work. Philiip offers courses, workshops, keynote speeches and works with 3 types of clients: 1.) “StorySellers”: sellers who want to use storytelling to connect with their customers and sell without prompting the usual sales resistance. 2.) “StoryLeading”: For leaders who want to use storytelling to motivate teams, influence internal stakeholders, and build more meaningful relationships. 3.) “StoryPreneur”: For entrepreneurs who want to use storytelling to grow their businesses, secure the next rounds of funding, and motivate their teams. Philipp is the author of the #1 Bestselling book, “The Story Selling Method: Master the Art of Storytelling to Build Trust, Stand Out and Boost Sales”. Packed with exercises and real-life examples from 71 top sales executives, this book will teach everything you need to know to transform your StorySelling skills. Read more at: https://power-of-storytelling.com/

Chad Price is the founder of Life Grows Green, offering CBD and Hemp products and apparel, as well as the author of the book, “Preparing for Battle: How to Overcome Life’s Challenges, Unlock Your Full Potential and Build a Successful Business”. He is also the founder of Kettlebell Kings and creator of multiple million dollar minority-owned businesses. His current venture with Life Grows Green offers CBD oils, softgels, facemasks and face creams), plus (Hemp bathbombs, softgels, massage oils, honey and peanut butter). Chad has always been passionate about the hemp plant, cannabis, and all natural products. From the lifestyle, to the community, to their healing properties, plants evoke a sense of joy and wellness in us all. Culturally there are still stigmas around cannabis and CBD products, but Life Grows Green is joining the movement to end those stigmas and embrace a higher level of consciousness. The goal at Life Grows Green is to source the highest quality ingredients directly from nature, and consistently bring that quality to our customers. By finding plants with beneficial ingredients and leaving them in their natural state as much as possible, Life Grows Green strives to help our customers fall in love with their plant-based products. As a company, Life Grows Green believes that Mother Earth offers us incredible healing properties that should be utilized before turning to other options. Read more at: https://lifegrowsgreen.com/ and at https://chadprice.com/