07-07-2024Entrepreneurs Scaling Their Content: Podcasts, YouTube & More With Scott D. Clary + Others, Episode #229

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, July, 7, 2024 is Scott D. Clary

Join us as we sit down with Scott D. Clary, the dynamic CEO of The Social Club and host of the top-ranked Success Story podcast. Scott shares his journey from creating free content to building a thriving community of entrepreneurs and investors. Learn his secrets to podcast longevity, the importance of giving back, and how to navigate social media for growth. Scott also delves into the crucial aspects of monetization, managing your burn rate, and leveraging short-form content for YouTube success. Tune in for invaluable insights and tips to elevate your podcasting game and entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Social Club is a highly vetted, private members community of entrepreneurs, investors, and executives. Scott hosts the Success Story podcast (#1 Entrepreneurship & Top 10 Business Podcast) where he interviews inspirational people, mentors and leaders. He is also the founder of a weekly business newsletter with over 321,000 subscribers. Subscribers receive a weekly deep dive that covers a wide range of topics, including decision-making, business, personal and professional growth, finance, entrepreneurship, and technology. 

Over his career he’s sold and marketed to the most iconic F500 / F100 brands. His thought leadership has been featured in over 100+ news sites and publications. He speaks globally at industry conferences and has had articles and insights featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Hackernoon, The Startup and others. Read more at: https://www.scottdclary.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters:

Simona Costantini is the Founder and CEO of Volt Productions, a full-service podcast production agency. She is also the Executive Producer and Host of the Happiness Happens Podcast. Simona helps six-figure entrepreneurs in the health, wellness, parenting, and marketing spaces bring their passion, voice, and expertise to the mic by helping them launch manage and grow their dream podcast. Simona’s experience spans years in marketing, communications, advertising and public relations. She blends her intuitive nature with proven framework and strategies to help her clients tune in to their higher selves and shake up their industry with massive impact so they can serve on a more meaningful level.

On the Happiness Happens podcast, Simona shares her favorite mindset tips and brings on industry-leading guests to challenge the definition of happiness. It’s a weekly dose of motivation and inspiration to have a more fulfilling day, every day. Each week, Simona brings on industry-leading guests to understand what happiness means to them, and tangible ways to transform our mindset and ultimately your life.  Read more at: https://www.simonacostantini.com/

Stacy Sherman is a renowned professional speaker and customer experience (CX) expert, specializing in strengthening loyal relationships between individuals and companies. Stacy has coached and delivered hundreds of speeches and workshops based on her Heart & Science™ framework that consistently produces tangible results and brand distinction. Stacy is hired as a Customer Experience and Marketing Officer, Board member, or team advisor for companies. She is mentors people to boost their leadership skills and personal brand. It’s smart to have a “Plan B,” or what she calls “Plan Me”. She helps brands expand their visibility and engagement through her significant presence on LinkedIn and distribution channels i.e. Blogs. Videos. 

Recognized repeatedly as a Top 30 Global Guru and a Top 25 CX Thought Leader by ICMI, Stacy is also a W3 award recipient for her award-winning DoingCX Right podcast. Stacy is known for storytelling and captivating audiences at virtual and in-person events, podcasts, webinars, eLearning, and more. Also, a traveling journalist who captures insights at sessions and repurposes content to keep the learning momentum going.Latest insights are offered through a LinkedIn Learning Course, with an upcoming book on Customer Journey Management. Read more at: https://doingcxright.com/