07-02-2023Make Radical Shifts in Your Business and Life with Ken Paskins, Episode #206

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, July 2, 2023 is Ken Paskins

Ken Paskins is a Business Transformational Expert, Co-Founder of The Shift Spot and founder of GCE Strategic Consulting. The Shift Spot is an unrivaled online destination for CEO’s and business owners seeking dramatic transformations in both their professional and personal lives. Through it’s exclusive peer community, CEO’s and business owners master results and transformation, solve business problems, and attend expert training events, so we can scale with ease, avoid burnout and achieve balance. Additionally, Ken manages GCE Strategic Consulting, a renowned firm offering high-quality fractional executive services for CEO’s. In the past decade, Ken has utilized his skills and experiences as a “hired gun” or fractional COO, aiding companies from pre-revenue to $50 million in revenues. His clients range across diverse industries from construction and HVAC to accounting firms, legal practices, and software companies. Additionally, Ken has significant experience in Private Equity, Venture Capital (including Sequoia), and Mergers & Acquisitions.

After several decades of running teams of 400+ people, companies with a PNL of a half billion dollars, and closing a $40M software deal just days after 9/11, Ken spent decades executing and chasing, being unbalanced, and working IN the business, not ON the business in fortune 100, PE and VC companies.
For the past seven years he has operated as a fractional CEO/COO for many companies from pre-revenue to $200M, specifically with business owners in chaotic industries. Ken’s mission is to help CEO’s and owners finally solve the core problems they are shackled with. So he created a community just for them called The Shift Spot where CEO’s learn to take control of their business and their lives!

Over the course of Ken’s career, he has amassed thirty years of distinguished professional experience. He spent two decades managing substantial P&Ls for Fortune 100 tech companies and helming teams of 450+ across North America and beyond. He notably closed a $40 million software deal with Qwest Communications shortly after the tragic events of 9/11. This record-breaking deal, five times larger than any previous agreement in the company’s history, set the trajectory for my career ascent. Read more at: https://www.theshiftspot.com/ and at https://www.gcestrategicconsulting.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters for July 2, 2023:

Cliff Beach is a seasoned Funk/Jazz/Soul music artist and has been performing live for more than 15 years in Los Angeles. The Berklee-trained singer/songwriter/keyboardist and DC native has created a style of music he coins as “Nu-funk”, a hybrid of soul, traditional R&B, jazz, funk and neo-soul which he performs regularly throughout Southern California. In 2013, Cliff released the highly anticipated “Who the Funk is Cliff Beach?” EP, independently, which was nominated for three LA Music Awards including “Record of the Year” and one Hollywood Music in Media award). Cliff also received national press in a featured live review in Music Connection Magazine in Nov. 2013 and was a featured performer at TEDx Napa Valley in March 2014. in 2017 Cliff’s album  “The Gospel According to Cliff Beach”,  was nominated for an Independent Music Award (Funk/Fusion Jam Album) and winner of 2 Global Music Awards. His video for the single “Delilah” won best Music Video at the 2018 Divulge Dancers’ Film Festival in Hollywood,CA. Cliff is a voting Member of NARAS, a Songwriter and Publisher with BMI and an award-winning member of Toastmasters International. PR by Tiny Human, Radio Promotion by Distiller Promo/Sanford Co, Licensing by SoundX3 and booking by Definitive Talents worldwide. Distribution by California Soul Music. Endorsed by TC Helicon. Cliff is currently set to release new singles in 2019, “Movin’ On” feat. Alex Nester and “Confident” feat. The MB’s. Read more at: http://cliffbeachmusic.com/

Cliff is the author of the book, “Side Hustle & Flow: 10 Principles to Live and Lead a More Productive Life in Less Time”. Ten chapters, chronicling Cliff’s journey in music from getting kicked off “American Idol” to finding success with his hit song “Confident”. It tells people how to start doing more passion projects while continuing to work their day job. It describes a detailed and realistic approach, unlike those which promise that you can become a multi-millionaire with minimal effort. Rather than setting lofty, unobtainable goals, Cliff embodies the “every man”, taking slow and strategic, methodical steps to my version of success, which the readers can also aspire to and achieve in their own right. Read more at: https://www.amazon.com/Side-Hustle-Flow-Principles-Productive/dp/1915406005

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