October 14th, 201910-13-2019: Succeeding in the Beauty Industry with “Eyebrow Guru” Rami Gafni, Episode #57

Listen to the podcast on the YouTube video above.

Our featured guest for Sunday, October 13th is Rami Gafni

Ramy Gafni is the Founder and Owner, RAMY Cosmetics, LLC and began his career in beauty after dropping out of law school and relocating to Sydney, Australia to attend Beauty school. This career change offered Ramy the opportunity to pursue freelance work as a professional makeup artist where he traveled through Singapore and Europe and back to his hometown of New York. Renowned as an “Eyebrow Guru” Ramy still sees clients at his private studio in New York City. Ramy’s second book, How To Fake Real Beauty (Running Press) was released in June 2015. You can read more about Ramy at https://ramy.com/.

Please visit our featured presenters:

Premise Martin with Pedilicious Footwear, invented the The Pedilicious Pedicure Sandal, a stylish, sturdy designer flip-flop with four-prong toe-separators, intended to be worn to and from the spa or nail salon, at https://pediliciousfootwear.com/.

Paulina Bryan with Live Lawyer App, which allows users to connect with lawyer on demand who can help with their criminal case immediately, at https://www.livelawyerapp.com/.

Fred Behnken with School Security Academy, which provides security training to teachers/licensed staff, support/classified staff and school boards to keep schools safe, at http://schoolsecurityacademy.com/.

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