October 7th, 201910-06-2019: B Corps – Positive Impacts for the World with Seungah Jeong & John Salzinger of MPOWERD, Episode #56


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Our Featured Guests: Seungah Jeong & John Salzinger

Seungah Jeong & John Salzinger are co-founders of MPOWERD, a company that brought to the world Luci, the first inflatable solar light with the goal of making an affordable clean energy product that people could use in any situation. Seungah is the CEO of MPOWERD and brings two decades of consumer goods experience, balancing a keen eye for design with a sharp business acumen. John, a guiding force and the CBDO of MPOWERD, has launched and managed several global media, tech and finance companies before starting the company. You can read more about Seungah and John at: https://mpowerd.com/.

Visit our featured presenters at their websites below:

Sansan Fibri with DreaMe, an app that helps you record and remember your dreams through a digitized dream journal. Build a personalized collection of dreams with insightful interpretations, at https://dreameapp.com/.

Dawn Pascale with Om Sweet Om, a specialty bakery that focuses on plant-based and gluten-free pastries, desserts, and products for wholesale, retail, corporate and private events, at https://om-sweethome.com/.

German Marin with MarinNYC Photography, for chic, stylish, fun and professional photos capturing the pomp and pageantry of special events, to portraits at the height of elegance and sophistication, https://www.marinnyc.com/.

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