August 26th, 201908-25-2019: How I Sold My Company on Shark Tank with Zach & Alyssa Brown, Episode #51


Listen to the podcast on the YouTube video above.


Our featured guests this week: Zachary and Alyssa Brown!

Zachary and Alyssa Brown are the owners of Moki Doorstep Corp and international award-winning inventors. They made one of the largest deals in Shark Tank History with Moki Doorstep and partnered with Rightline Gear to bring the Door Step to national retail. 
You can visit them at their website at:

Our featured presenters for August 25, 2019:

Kevin Lane with Create a Castle, a company that creates molds that give families a fun, successful and frustration-free way of building elaborate castles, towers and whatever else you can dream up, in the sand or snow. All without struggling to use the traditional one dimensional sand molds and builds can be done quickly, at

Zach Levin and Nick Scannavino with Pitchtape, a digital platform for startup founders to create and share a video pitch, and for venture investors to discover and connect with the next generation of innovators, at

Dan Nemo with Stream Metrics, providing services that demystify live-stream and esports viewership by providing audience measurement across streaming channels & platforms to publishers such as video game companies, esports organizations, independent video streamers and others, at

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