August 19th, 201908-18-2019: Filling an Old Need with New Tech with CEO of Boxcar, Joe Colangelo, Episode #50


Listen to the podcast on the YouTube video above.


Our Featured Speaker is Joe Colangelo, CEO of Boxcar.

Joe Colangelo is the founder and CEO of Boxcar, an integrated commuting company, focused on taking the stress out of your daily commute. Joe discusses finding new solutions to old problems and building a business using the tech tools now available.
You can visit Joe at his website at:

Our featured presenters from August 18, 2019:

Diane Simovich with BWNICE – Business Women Networking LLC Involving Charity and Education, provides women at all stages of business and personal life with support, education and resources. The organization brings women together to gain meaningful business connections, learn new ways to succeed, and foster an empowering environment, at

Sonia Tanoh & Charles Tanoh with The Proper Label™, a socially responsible manufacturer and marketer of leading everyday clothing based in New York City. Their clothing, shoes and denim are are manufactured responsibly, sold and marketed with integrity and the company offers a clothing recycling program as well, at www.TheProperLabel.US/

Vishnu Saran with Voice Qube, which builds engaging Voice Applications for businesses with user interactions that are intuitively conversational and human-like. The company is currently building a new age collection of Interactive content on Alexa and Google assistant that makes education less boring for kids and more engaging. Find out more at

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