05-21-2023Creator and Influencer Marketing for Startups with Denise Lambertson, Episode #202

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, May 21, 2023 is Denise Lambertson

Denise Lambertson is an influencer marketing expert, founder of LMS, a creator and influencer marketing agency, and is also the Managing Partner at Constellation Capital. Denise pioneered the pairing of influencers with consumer startups and is the leading expert in celebrity & influencer marketing partnerships for early stage businesses. Applauded by Forbes Magazine as “changing the influencer marketing platform between celebrities and startups”, Denise & the LMS team build the most effective influencer marketing programs for companies looking to grow & scale. The missed opportunities, and wasted money. Only a select few ever make it to that mountaintop. Effective influencer & creator partnerships can make all the difference in your business. Simply put, LMS uses creators & influencers to help clients acquire new customers, drive sales, educate consumers, build awareness, create virality and beat competitors. LMS clients include Sweet Green, KiteHill, Hippeas, FreshDirect and more. Read more at: https://www.wearelms.com/

Constellation Capital is venture capital firm in NYC that brings high-profile limited partners and marketing expertise to consumer goods investments. Constellation Capital invests in early-stage consumer goods companies within the health and wellness space. Denise works with entrepreneurs to build leading brands utilizing our marketing expertise, a rolodex of best-in-class industry professionals, and an extensive network of influencer and celebrity investors. Read more at: https://constellation.capital/


Mike Ham is the host of the Greetings from the Garden State podcast, which is a show all about the people, diverse culture, amazing food, pristine beaches, rolling farmland, and big cities of the State of New Jersey. Each week we highlight the people who make up the fabric of our New Jersey communities who run small businesses, restaurants, non-profits, and more! While we obviously discuss what they do, we also learn why they do it. One aspect of New Jersey Mike particularly loves is its diversity. Throughout his travels and the episodes he’s recorded, the stories Mike helps tell define what being from New Jersey is all about.

In May of 2020, Mike Ham burst onto the podcasting scene with his original show, The Morning Spotlight. Interviewing business professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, and more, Mike produced over 200 episodes on LinkedIn and traditional podcasting platforms. After launching Greetings from the Garden State in October 2021, Mike decided to retire TMS in April 2022 and put his full focus and energy on the people of the New Jersey. An energetic, passionate, and curious interviewer Mike creates lasting and memorable bonds between his guests and his audiences. As a respected member of the podcasting community, Mike has been asked to speak at podcasting events like Podfest Expo and the PodPros Summit. He’s also been featured in New Jersey Monthly Magazine, on the NJ Morning Show and on the “Your New Jersey” television show. Read more at: https://www.greetingsfromthegardenstate.com/

Mark Dingle is the founder and inventor of VentaPak, the original backpack spacer. VentaPak is a backpack accessory that creates major airflow and ventilation to reduce heat and sweat. It also improves backpack ergonomics and reduces back strain. While biking to work on summer days in New York City, Mark realized a major problem that detracted from the otherwise great experience — his backpack was pressing into his back, trapping heat, and drenching his shirt with sweat.  He realized through research and conversations the “sweaty back” is an all too common issue with backpack users.

Together with a leading industrial designer, he created the VentaPak to make biking, hiking, walking, traveling, and other activities using a backpack more comfortable and enjoyable. Mark worked up a crude prototype with foam, mesh, and hook and loop attachment. Encouraged by how much better his bike rides felt with even this crude prototype and with support of some early fans, he began iterating designs with a leading industrial designer. Then in September 2020, Mark launched a Kickstarter campaign. With the help of the community, friends, family, and early beta testers, Mark succeeded in raising $8400 from 162 backers. Read more at: https://www.ventapak.com/