05-19-2024Entrepreneurs Turning Niche Websites into Million-Dollar Assets with Justin Cooke + Others, Episode #227

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, May 19, 2024 is Justin Cooke

Dive into the fascinating journey of Justin Cooke, co-founder of Empire Flippers and Webstreet, as he shares his story of transforming from mid-level SEO managers into successful remote entrepreneurs. Learn how Justin and his partner built a multimillion-dollar business by creating and selling niche websites, all while embracing the power of remote work. Discover their bootstrapping strategies, the importance of selecting the right niches, and the secrets behind their remarkable growth!

Empire Flippers is the #1 Curated Online Business Marketplace, helps people buy, sell, and invest in established and profitable online businesses. Empire Flippers has had 245K+ users and has helped people buy and sell over $450 million worth of online businesses globally. The company, which operates with a 100% remotely distributed team, has appeared on the Inc 5000 of fastest-growing private companies six years in a row. Read more at: https://empireflippers.com

Justin and his co-founder also recently launched the company WebStreet, which makes online businesses a more accessible asset class by enabling individual investors to passively own internet businesses like content, FBA, and SaaS sites. To date, WebStreet has raised $22M+ across four rounds of fundraising. Read more at: https://webstreet.co


Mike Chesne is the co-founder of Tecton, the only multi-functional beverage that includes 10 grams of nature-identical ketones in every serving to provide: Stimulant-free energy, Endurance Boost, Weight management, Craving Control, Muscle Recovery. Fuel your body with nature identical ketones with no sugar or caffeine. Tecton is made with the same molecular structure ketones produced naturally by your body. It gives you many benefits of the keto diet without eliminating carbohydrates from your diet. The applications of Tecton’s technology include dietary supplements (they have licensed this to Thorne on a non-exclusive basis to reach their 45K plus medical practitioners), Medical Foods and Drugs.” Our ancestors used to access ketones frequently because they didn’t eat as much or as often as we do today, and they certainly didn’t eat processed carbs. Today, however most humans are ketone-deprived, meaning they are unable to achieve their extraordinary potential. Thanks to exogenous ketones, that can all change (for the better).  Read more at: http://tectonlife.com

Natalie Noel and her father Chip Noel are the founders of NOËL Family Distillery, offering rums, tequilas, vodkas and canned cocktails. They love making and distributing spirits that bring family and friends together and make life more enjoyable. It is their mission to produce premium but approachable ultra-premium spirits with natural ingredients. The result? An exceptional, authentic line of ultra-premium craft-spirits with perfected natural flavors – an accessible luxury for anyone. NOËL Family Distillery is located in Donaldsonville, Louisiana where they’re able to use local sugarcane farms for their rums. Along with local farmers and the residents of Donaldsonville who invested in the distillery, this has been a process labored in love and persistence. Distilled just 25 feet above sea level, on the banks of the historic Mississippi River, each spirit fully embodies the essence of living well.

Launching the brand in May 2023, Natalie Noel’s innovative “Liquid 2 Lips” marketing campaign landed her spirits in over 60 retail stores within just a few months. NOËL Family Distillery tequila is also a gold medal winner of The NY International Spirits Competition and the official tequila of LSU Athletics. Read more at: http://noeldistillery.com